This Is How Gillian Anderson Gets Her Complexion To Glow at 53!

Dec 16, 2021
This Is How Gillian Anderson Gets Her Complexion To Glow at 53!

We’ve been watching Gillian Anderson on our screens since her X-Files days, and lately, we’ve been blown away by her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher on The Crown. While enjoying her performance, we can’t get over how great her skin looks!

At 53 years old, Gillian credits her youthful and glowing complexion to a few simple skincare rules. On the heels of her Emmy win, she’s finally sharing them with the world!

She’s Picky With Products

When it comes to selecting her skincare products, Gillian always makes sure they’re made specifically for anti-aging. Even before she reached her 50’s, she put a strong focus on anti-wrinkle products. That’s because she understands the power of anti-aging peptides and the amazing results they can yield.

In her routine, Gillian focuses on three specific anti-aging steps: her neck, her eyes, and her face. This allows her to have a comprehensive and effective approach to fighting wrinkles in all problem areas. Her anti-aging routine is also something she never skips and credits her being consistent with her routine to the amazing results she’s achieved.

She Never Sleeps With Makeup

While some celebrities try to stay away from using makeup outside of red carpet events, Gillian is the opposite. She feels beautiful and empowered when she’s got her makeup done and to keep skin safe, she makes sure she never, ever sleeps with it on. Even the slightest bit of leftover makeup can clog your pores and make you wrinkle faster, so getting skin squeaky clean is a high priority for Gillian.

Instead of opting for makeup removers filled with chemicals, or having to double cleanse, Gillian reaches for what experts call “the holy grail of cleansers”. Oil cleansing has been praised for its ability to remove makeup better than any other type of cleanser. It goes deep into pores to not only clean them but deliver nourishing and hydrating anti-aging ingredients to your skin. In one easy step, you’ll have cleaner and younger-looking skin!

She Loves Moisturizing


If Gillian had to pin down one single reason why her skin is so fantastic, she’s giving all the credit to her moisturizing routine. Many years ago, Gillian had a doctor explain the importance of moisturizing and that using the right product could help her fight off wrinkles and keep skin looking youthful. Since that day, she’s focused her time and money on a high-powered moisturizer that helps reverse wrinkles.

Gillian’s process to choose a moisturizer is easy. First, it must contain peptides and nutrients that she knows will naturally fight off new wrinkles. Second, she looks for repairing ingredients that will help manage and fade her existing wrinkles. She also looks for nourishment from ingredients like shea butter which hydrates skin and can plump your wrinkles up so they are less noticeable. All her hard work has paid off because her skin is looking as good in her 50’s as it did in her 30’s!