Dark Spot Corrector

A rich blend of brightening extracts & antioxidants in a compact tube of concentrated magic. Five stabilized forms of Vitamin C work in synergy to help fade the look of dark spots and other skin imperfections.


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“I love the spot remover. I can see that it’s fading away the spots. I have tried many creams this one works. Thank you”

Janine C.

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3000+ 5-star reviews

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"I had so many pesky little age spots on my forehead. But this has lightened them like I wouldn't have believed! Love it, thank you"

Kate Y.

A powerful blend of brightening ingredients works to erase Dark Spots as if they never existed, giving you a beautiful, clear complexion.


This ingredient outperforms Vitamin C - one of the strongest brightening ingredients out there! It works to even the skin tone and decrease the appearance of Dark Spots.

Asyntra SL

Not only is this ingredient perfect for sensitive skin that has endured years of Sun damage, but it also lightens Dark Spots and creates an even, healthy glow.


Key ingredients

Access White

This ingredient is a natural blend of powerful brightening herbs that work to prevent the formation of Dark Spots. As an added bonus, it also improves collagen production!

Poria Cocos Extract

This versatile ingredient has so many benefits. Not only does it create an even skin tone, but it also reduces hyperpigmentation, the whole reason Dark Spots are formed!

Why The Dark Spot Corrector Will Work For You

  1. Erases Dark spots and blemishes

    Creates a clear, even complexion

  2. Safely brightens the most sensitive skin

    Powerful yet gentle!

  3. Prevents formation of new Dark Spots

    Stopping hyperpigmentation

  4. Powerful and natural brightening ingredients

    Free from harmful chemicals

100% satisfaction guaranteed

We know you’ll love it! That’s why all our products come with a 100% money back guarantee for a full 30 days. We are so confident you will love the results we want you to try them risk free! If you don’t love them - contact us for a full refund - no questions asked!

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Safe for all skin types
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icon3 Combination
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How to use

Get started in 3 easy steps

  1. Apply your Dark Spot Corrector

    Apply a thin layer all over the face for an even complexion, or apply a small dab to each Dark Spot as needed. Make this your first priority after cleansing your face!

  2. Apply Morning and Nights

    Consistency is key! Make sure you apply this product every day, twice a day and you are guaranteed to see the results you are looking for.

  3. Enjoy your results

    Admire your clear and even complexion and be sure to protect your beautiful, bright skin with SPF each day.

Safe for all skin types
icon1 Normal
icon2 Oily
icon3 Combination
icon4 Dry
icon5 Sensitive


What’s the best way to make sure this works for me?

The ingredients in the Dark Spot Corrector will do most of the work for you! The only thing you will need to bring to the table is consistency. As long as you stick to applying the product twice a day, you can be sure that you’ll see results in no time.

Is the Dark Spot Corrector only for the face?

Not at all! Many of our customers use the Dark Spot Corrector on different parts of their body, including their hands and Decollete. Any area of pigmentation can be treated by this versatile product!

How long does it take to work?

While everyone’s experience will vary, it usually takes about 2-3 weeks for you to notice a difference in the appearance of Dark Spots. A great way to see how much your Dark spots have changed is to take before and after pictures!

I have sensitive skin. Will this product be too harsh for me?

Many brightening products can be harsh on the skin, so it’s important to make sure the ingredients you use are safe! Luckily, our Dark Spot corrector contains a blend of natural ingredients that are safe to use, even on the most sensitive skin.

My Dark Spots aren’t that bad, do I still need this?

Prevention is always better than cure. Our Dark Spot Corrector not only erases Dark Spots, but also protects your skin from any new ones forming! On top of that, many of the key ingredients have added bonuses like treating wrinkles and boosting collagen!