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Lavender Oil Cleanser

  • Promote Healing

  • Calm Inflammation

  • Refresh Skin

  • Improve Texture

Let the scent of Lavender melt your stress and rinse away impurities and imperfections. Formulated to deliver a fresh, healthy and hydrated complexion.


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What Does This Do? 

The Lavender Oil Cleanser isn't just a feast for your senses with its delightful fragrance; it's also your daily ticket to a clean and refreshed complexion! Maintaining skin cleanliness is the baseline for pursuit of a healthy, youthful appearance. That's why a daily cleanser like this one should be a non-negotiable staple in your skincare routine.

The Lavender Oil Cleanser is a beloved favorite here at South Beach Skin Lab. It doesn't just get the job done; it nurtures your complexion and helps to remove wrinkles in the process!

Who Is This For? 

Our Best-Selling Lavender Oil Cleanser is a must-have for those who:

  • Wish to safeguard their skin and preserve its precious natural oils.
  • Desire a cleanser that not only cleans but also fights wrinkles simultaneously.
  • Crave a touch of luxury and relaxation in their daily routine.
  • Seek to say goodbye to dull, fatigued skin.
  • Aspire to unveil their natural radiance.

What Makes It Unique? 

The Lavender Oil Cleanser isn't just suitable for all skin types; it also boasts hidden benefits that elevate it beyond your ordinary cleanser.

Skin-Enhancing Essential Oils: 

Harnessing the power of Alpha and Beta hydroxy acids, this cleanser offers more than just a surface cleanse. It delves deep to exfoliate your skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Coupled with essential oils like Lavender oil that work to hydrate and minimize the appearance of wrinkles, and peppermint oil which helps to boost circulation, your skin will beam with radiance!

3 Problems Lavender Oil Cleanser Can Solve

The Lavender Oil Cleanser is a luxurious blend of lavender and tea tree oils that cleanses makeup, dirt and impurities and leaves skin feel wonderfully soft and clean

1. Enlarged Pores

AHA and Tea tree oil work to exfoliate and regulate sebum for cleaner pores

2. Pollution Damage

Peppermint oil's natural antimicrobial properties eliminate dirt and impurities

3. Inflamed Skin

The power of Lavender oil cleanses skin of free radicals and calms inflamed skin

Let's talk results

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We know you’ll love it! That’s why all our products come with a 100% money back guarantee for a full 30 days. We are so confident you will love the results we want you to try them risk free! If you don’t love them - contact us for a full refund - no questions asked!


Like all other cleansers, this product will make sure your skin is clean and fresh for any products you use after it. But unlike other cleansers, it targets wrinkles and fine lines, starting the anti-aging process early on in your skincare routine!