Here’s Everything Jane Fonda Uses On Her Stunning Skin!

Jan 04, 2022
Here’s Everything Jane Fonda Uses On Her Stunning Skin!

Jane Fonda has been an icon for decades. She’s talented and beautiful - but her most impressive accomplishment might be how wonderful her skin looks just after her 84th birthday!

When we looked into her routine, we were shocked at how down-to-earth and simple it is considering how amazing her results are. Here’s everything we know about Jane Fonda’s skincare routine and how you can do it from home!

She Hates Fillers


jane fonda skincare routineWhen skin ages, it begins to rapidly lose collagen and elastin after the age of 30. That’s why wrinkles get worse, skin becomes duller, and you notice more sagging. While many women in Hollywood turn to doctors for fillers or Botox, Jane stays far away from them and tackles collagen loss in a more natural way.

The most effective way to replenish lost collagen and elastin is through using peptides that fortify and restructure your skin. Peptides like Matrixyl and Reproage are some of the best ones Jane relies on and can help you reduce wrinkles and firm skin in as little as a month! Each and every time you apply your Repair & Release Cream, you’ll be delivering these wrinkle-fighting peptides to your delicate skin.

She's An Oil Addict

jane fonda celebrity skincare routine

When it comes to washing off makeup from red carpets or on set, Jane knows that using soap or foaming wash will dry her skin out and lead to dullness. That’s because it’s packed with harsh detergents and surfactants. Instead, she opts for the more healthy and effective option of an oil cleanser.

Oil cleansing has rocked the skincare world because it has so many additional benefits. It will clean your skin but it can also tone skin, hydrate skin, and exfoliate in one step. With just one product, you’ll be able to glow like Jane Fonda without spending hours in the bathroom using skincare. It’s a one-step-wonder to more beautiful and youthful skin!

She's Never Dry

jane fonda celebrity skincare routine

Jane Fonda once had a makeup artist who told her the key to beautiful skin is to never let it dry out. When skin becomes dehydrated, it leads to deeper wrinkles, flakey skin, and dullness on your entire face. Instead of looking like other 80-year-olds, Jane stays youthful by staying consistent with her peptide-packed moisturizer.

The best moisturizing creams and water-based because they allow your skin to absorb even more hydration. Not only does this make your skin feel softer, but it will add a glowy look to it. Best of all, if you’re using your Repair & Release Cream to hydrate skin you’ll be able to soften skin and deliver wrinkle-fighting ingredients in one easy step.