The Online Beauty Influencers Setting All The Latest Trends You Need to Know

Sep 27, 2021
The Online Beauty Influencers Setting All The Latest Trends You Need to Know

The beauty industry is one filled with lively and vivacious individuals. Makeup artists have their own unique styles, and different artists are known for different strengths. Within the skin care and beauty industry, certain individuals will stand out as a beauty influencer to be reckoned with. Below are some of the top beauty influencers worth following on social media.

Robin Black

Robin Black has become an Internet sensation with her photography and makeup creativity. After shooting models, she would create fun makeup looks for them and take polaroids.

Those pics would be posted on her blog, and from there, her ‘Beauty is Boring‘ account and site was born. What started as a fun side project for Black has created a huge demand for her talent and unique skills as a makeup artist.

Shayla Mitchell

Best known as ‘Makeupshayla‘ on Instagram where she has 2.5 million followers and a YouTube channel with almost half a million followers, Shayla Mitchell is a huge beauty influencer on social media.

She is based out of L.A. and is known for her makeup tutorials and perfect selfies. She is said to be as flawless in person as she is in her selfies, which makes her a permanent fixture in the beauty industry.


The Estee Lauder Global Beauty Director, Violette Vibes, made a name for herself on the sets of high-fashion editorials. She is a beauty influencer with a unique perspective as she shrugs off the ideal of a ‘perfect beauty’ and values freedom of expression and nonconformity instead.

Those looking for a makeup artist who follows a solitary vision, rather than fashion trends, will find Violette Vibes on point and one to follow into the future of the beauty industry.

Celine Bernaerts

Based in the Netherlands and trained at House of Orange, Celine Bernaerts marries beauty and social media like few others. With a BA in Communications, Bernaerts has amassed a huge following and first started using Instagram for a creative outlet for her makeup ventures.

Nominated for a Dutch Elle Beauty magazine award, Bernaerts is a discovered talent predicted to burn brightly for years to come.

Lottie S

Lottie S does makeup for Ruby Rose and has displayed a creative flair since an early age. With an education in graphic design, Lottie S found her true calling as a makeup artist whose focus was on light, color, and form.

Patrick Ta

Best known as the ‘selfie-made’ makeup artist to stars like Bella, Gigi, Kim Kardashian, and Ariana Grande, Patrick Ta is a Hollywood make up artist of world renown.

His Instagram account is just oozing with celebrity pics. Known for toning down his makeup looks, he made a name for himself with his alternative approach to the more common heavier makeup looks.

Lisa Eldridge

Lisa Eldridge is known as one of the most revered and experienced makeup artists on the beauty circuit. Her signature look is classed as ‘fresh and flawless’, and her approach is utilized by designers, photographers, editors, art directors, and celebrities.

Currently based out of London, Eldridge works with some of the world’s top fashion photographers to create a variety of makeup looks and personas.

Huda Kattan

Beauty mogul, Huda Kattan, is the powerful and impressive founder of an international beauty empire of infamy. Before embarking on her own beauty-empire career, she worked for Revlon where she honed her skills and cosmetic style.

Finding her inspiration from the Disney princess Jasmine’s style, Kattan has become the highest-earning beauty influencer on the whole of Instagram. This Dubai-based beauty expert is definitely one to follow!

Nikkie De Jager

Nikkie De Jager is a Dutch makeup artist best known by her YouTube channel name ‘Nikkie Tutorials’. This makeup artist and beauty blogger gained online fame after her YouTube video ‘The Power of Makeup’, inspiring women to show their faces with and without makeup, went viral.

Named by Forbes as one of the ‘Top 10 Beauty Influencers of 2017’, De Jager only seems to be acquiring more accolades and moving up in the beauty industry.