These Three Products Will Change Your Summer Beauty Routine

Sep 24, 2021
These Three Products Will Change Your Summer Beauty Routine

Summer is one of the best times of year but it can take its toll on your skin, hair, and body. Switching up your products by season is not only suggested, its recommended by doctors and skincare experts across America.

Instead of switching up your products by season, it’s easier and more cost-effective to add a few small tweaks to your current routine instead of fully overhauling it. Here are a few easy changes to make to your self-care routine to get the most out of summer!

Dry Shampoo

clean skin If you haven’t already tried using dry shampoo, you need to start now. Think of it as your hair’s secret weapon against sweat, grease and of course, getting a few extra days out of your hair wash. It works on thin hair, think hair, and hair of any length making it an easy addition to anyone’s routine!

Dry shampoo is easy to use and adds a nice freshness to hair. If you have thinner hair, it can also help to make hair look and feel thicker than it really is. If it’s an extra humid day or you just need a touch up after a visit to the beach, give your hair a few sprays of dry shampoo and rub it in with your fingertips. You’ll notice an instant difference after applying it!


rub to hard When the heat turns up and you’re spending half your day trying not to sweat, a great cleansing routine becomes more important than ever! If you’re not being diligent with your cleansing in the summer, expect breakouts, clogged pores, dullness, and even excess oil. Foaming cleansers can take off surface impurities but they don’t dig deep enough in summer months to properly clear your pores.

An oil cleanser is going to not only dig deep and clear out your pores to avoid pimples, but it is going to nourish your skin with grape seed and olive oil. It’s also going to pull double duty in clearing free radicals that can come from pollution or sun and lead to wrinkles and dark spots in the future. A great oil cleanser is a summer must-have, no exceptions!


Stay consistent While we suggest wearing SPF protection all year round, it is especially important to make sure your summer routine includes a little more sunscreen than usual. Not only do you want to increase the SPF protection level to last least a minimum of SPF 30 in summer months, but you also need to increase the number of times you’re re-applying throughout the day.

The easiest way to make sure you never skip SPF is to keep travel-sized bottles anywhere you’re likely to come in contact with the sun. Throw one in your purse, one in your car, and even one in your desk drawer if you sit near a window in the office. These tiny bottles will be the only reminder you need to re-apply and stay protected from sun damage and free radicals.