*Don’t Forget This Unexpected Wrinkle-Prone Area In Your Skincare Routine!

Sep 22, 2021
*Don’t Forget This Unexpected Wrinkle-Prone Area In Your Skincare Routine!

Taking care of your skin never goes out of style and focusing on a healthy complexion is an act of self-care. But what happens when you only focus on your face and forget other wrinkle-prone areas of your body?

The most common area to experience wrinkles outside your face is your decollete. This area is comprised of your neck and chest can is very delicate. It’s common to experience sagging, sun damage, and wrinkles just like your face.

If you want to take years off your look with a simple tweak to your skincare routine, use these easy tips to rejuvenate your decollete for younger skin and a more confident look!

Don’t Ignore It

Some have probably suffered from an aging decollete for years while others may just be starting to notice signs of aging. No matter how bad the problem has gotten, it’s never too early or late to take action and fight back.

While you can apply your daily moisturizer to your neck, it’s not going to provide the same caliber of results as applying a product specially formulated for your decollete. Applying a Neck Firming Cream is going to get to work fighting signs of aging better and faster than any other kind of product.

Packed with essential peptides like Essenskin, it goes deep into the layers of your skin to help restructure how your skin acts. In only a few weeks, you’ll notice your decollete skin is firmer, smoother, and more radiant. Best of all, it’s got a creamy texture that is luxurious and hydrating for all skin types!

Don’t Be Discouraged

The journey to a lifted and youthful neck is a marathon and not a sprint. Nothing can hurt our confidence more than not seeing the results we want, but it could be as simple as you weren’t using the right products in the right way.

Even a multipurpose skin cream cannot do for your neck what a specially formulated treatment can. High-quality moisturizers will only hydrate but a Neck Firming Cream can lift, firm, and restructure your cells to look and act more youthful.

If you haven’t seen results yet, we’re sure you’ll be impressed by the power of a Neck Firming Cream and its ability to give you results and improve your confidence.

Don’t Underestimate

The best part about including your neck and chest into your skincare routine is that you’ll be amazed at what a difference it makes in how old you look. This area is notorious for giving your age away, so don’t underestimate how much attention your newly rejuvenated decollete will get!

Not only are the peptides and amino acids in your neck cream going to firm and tighten up your skin, but they will also leave it hydrated and glowing. So stop covering up with turtlenecks and scarves and show off that chin and collarbone! After just a few weeks of your new neck and chest routine, you’ll be showing off your skin proudly and the compliments will start pouring in!

The South Beach Skin Lab – Neck Firming Cream is our secret weapon to get a beautiful looking decollete!