Genius Tips To Help Keep Your Skincare From Sweating Off This Summer

May 16, 2023
Genius Tips To Help Keep Your Skincare From Sweating Off This Summer


Summer is a favorite season for many people. Who doesn’t love being able to get outside and enjoy the sun? Well, for some, it’s the time of the year that can make your skincare routine a living nightmare because of how challenging it is to keep your products from melting off!

While you may not be able to escape the heat this summer, there are definitely some quick and easy tricks that can help your products stay where they belong - on your face!

Make Your Moisturizer Lightweight

No matter the season, anyone who’s no stranger to aging skin can tell you that your skin becomes unbelievably dry, making your wrinkles and fine lines more noticeable. In the cooler months, you can use a rich, hydrating moisturizer to help solve this problem, but everybody knows that thick moisturizers and heat don’t mix…

To give your moisturizer an added boost of hydration and make it lighter at the same time, try mixing it with a serum! This creative trick can help make your products sink into your skin a lot more easily and can also help provide your skin with the nutrients it needs in a much thinner, lightweight layer.

serum and cream texture

Don’t Rush Outside

On cooler days, it’s easy to slather on your skincare products and rush off to get your daily tasks done without a second thought, but doing this on a hot summer day is a recipe for disaster! Leaving the house before your skincare has a chance to soak into your skin is not a great idea…

Instead, give your skincare a few minutes to absorb into your complexion before you start to do anything that could cause you to sweat! Not only will this mean that your skin gets to take advantage of ingredients to help create that beautiful summer glow, but it will also help you avoid wasting your products!

woman applying skincare

Keep Hydrated

It can be easier than you think to become dehydrated during the summer. A lack of water in your system will make you feel terrible physically and make your complexion suffer too! Not to mention, without enough water, you could end up overheating, making your body sweat more to try and cool you off.

Keeping cold water with you throughout the day is a great way to stop the sweat! Drinking ice-cold water frequently will help to lower your body’s temperature, making you less likely to overheat and sweat up a storm. On top of that, it will help your skin stay hydrated and radiant!

cold glass of water

Sweating is completely natural and it’s just your body’s way of cooling down, but when it comes to skincare, it can actually be quite frustrating. Try these tips to stay cool this summer and keep your skin looking its best!