The Only Correct Way To Apply Your Skincare Routine

Sep 16, 2022
The Only Correct Way To Apply Your Skincare Routine


Have you ever seen a new product and wanted to add it to your routine but you weren’t sure where exactly it fits in? You’re not alone. Adding new products to your routine can be exciting, but if you’re not applying your skincare in the correct order, you could miss out on many incredible results.

That’s why we’ve put together a step-by-step guide to applying your skincare products!

1. Cleanse

If your skin isn’t clean and prepped before you apply your skincare products, you’re just asking for a breakout! The first step in your routine should always be to cleanse your face and get rid of any gunk and bacteria on the surface, leaving behind a fresh, clean canvas!

correct order for skincare routine

2. Tone

Once your complexion is clean as a whistle, it’s time to tone. Toning helps to tighten your pores so no dirt can get back in after you’ve cleansed your skin. On top of that, it helps keep your skin’s PH at a healthy level.

toning benefits for skin

3. Treat

Now that your skin is clean and toned, you can move on to treating things like dark spots, eye bags and an uneven skin tone. Make sure you’re using powerful ingredients backed by science in this step!

when to use skincare products

4. Moisturize

The second last step in any routine should be a moisturizer to help hydrate the skin and decrease the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. If your moisturizer has peptides in it, even better!

best moisturizer for wrinkles

5. SPF

This final step only applies to your daytime routine. Never leave the house without wearing your SPF because the sun’s rays can do a lot of damage to your skin and make your aging process speed up! Unless you want more wrinkles, dark spots and sagging, protect your skin with SPF.

spf for face