This Fail-Proof Method Will Help You Apply Your Products In The Correct Order

Jul 05, 2022
This Fail-Proof Method Will Help You Apply Your Products In The Correct Order

Buying a new skincare product to help you erase your biggest concerns is always fun and exciting, but there’s always one problem you have to solve before using it for the first time - where does it fit into your routine? If you’re not using it at the correct time, you could end up waiting longer for results and you may not get the most out of your new product.

Thankfully, you can use some basic rules to figure out which order to use your products. These rules will help you get amazing results from your skincare ritual and get the most bang for your buck!


cleansing routine

Anyone that uses any type of skincare could tell you that the first step of your routine should be to cleanse the skin. Throughout the day, bacteria and dirt can build up in your complexion and create a lot of trouble - things like clogged pores and rough patches! If you want to keep your skin healthy and youthful for as long as you can, you’ll need to start off with a clean face.

By starting your routine with any cleansing products - like a face wash or exfoliator - you’re rinsing away any dirt and impurities that would get in the way of your other products and stop them from doing their part to help iron out wrinkles and lift sagging skin. On top of that, you’re also helping clean out your pores and make your skin soft and smooth!


treat after cleansing

Now that your skin is clean and ready for your other products, it’s time to treat your biggest concerns. Problems like dark spots or puffy eye bags can be some of the most stubborn signs of aging, so they’ll take a little extra attention if you want a shot at helping make them less obvious.

After you’ve cleansed your skin, make it a priority to use lightening treatments, serums and any products that have a thin, light consistency. These kinds of products soak into the skin quickly and target problem areas to help create a brighter and firmer appearance, so if you want to get the most out of them, use them on a clean, fresh face.


protect skin with creams

Once you’ve treated your skin, it’s essential to protect it from the environment around you. If you don’t, your skin could end up feeling dry and cracked, and your wrinkles and fine lines will show up worse than they ever have before!

Any product on your shelf that has a thick consistency like a cream has tons of hydrating ingredients that will help keep your skin moisturized and protected throughout the day. Creams usually have hydrating ingredients like shea butter and cocoa butter that take longer to soak into the skin - that way, they create a shield between your skin and everything around you, so you can go into your day feeling confident that your complexion will stay healthy!

No matter what you add to your routine, it's always a good idea to make sure you know exactly how to use it to get the best results you possibly can. By following these simple rules, you can fit your new products into any routine, and know that you’ll get the most out of them!