3 Delicious Foods You Should Include In Your Diet AND Your Routine To Slow Aging

Jul 19, 2022
3 Delicious Foods You Should Include In Your Diet AND Your Routine To Slow Aging


If you spend a lot of time reading about skincare ingredients, you probably know that some popular foods can be used on your skin to help give it a glowing appearance. There are even some delicious foods that can help your skin from the inside out!

Having a healthy diet is important, but it's even better if your diet helps make your skin healthy too. If you’re after a more radiant and youthful appearance, try including these yummy foods into your diet and your routine at the same time and see what amazing results you get!


coffee skin benefits

One of the biggest enemies of a glowing complexion is damage caused by the environment around you. What’s worse is that as you age, your body isn’t as good at healing itself as it used to be. That means signs of aging will start to show up more quickly and make you unhappy with the way you look.

That’s why Coffee is a must-have in your diet and your routine! The best thing about coffee is that it increases the blood flow in your body - once that happens, your body won’t have such a hard time healing itself and you’ll start to see your skin become more sculpted and radiant! It’s the perfect pick-me-up for you and your complexion, and you’ll be so thrilled with your glowing appearance once you’ve tried it.

Dragon Fruit

dragon fruit skin benefits

If you’ve heard of free radicals, you know that you should do as much as you can to protect yourself from them. Simply put, they’re atoms that can cause a lot of damage to your skin and your body. They cause you to age faster and even worse - they’ve been linked to some pretty scary diseases. You’ll need to do as much as you can to avoid them!

Luckily, antioxidants like Vitamin C are superheroes when it comes to fighting Free Radicals. They protect your body from the damage caused by these dangerous atoms and can be easily found in so many foods - just like Dragon Fruit! If you want to help make sure your body is healthy inside and out (and help your skin stay hydrated and firm!), try adding this tasty fruit to your grocery AND skincare lists!


chocolate skin benefits

Have you ever wondered what causes your body to age naturally? A big part of it is that it gets slower at repairing itself. This is bad news for the collagen and elastin in your skin - it means your body isn’t as quick at producing the building blocks of a firm and sculpted appearance!

Well, if you like Chocolate, we have great news! Cocoa butter - one of the main ingredients in chocolate - contains a ton of Vitamin E, which is a miracle worker when it comes to helping your body repair and replace all of the lost collagen and elastin. If you want to create a plumper and more revived appearance, chocolate (or cocoa butter) can help you do that!

One of the most important things when it comes to creating the complexion you’ve always dreamed of is taking care of your body and making sure it’s healthy. A healthy complexion is a glowing one, and as long as you keep that in mind and try adding these foods to your diet and routine, you’ll be healthier and happier at the same time!