3 Ingredients That Should NEVER Touch Your Skin

Oct 25, 2022
3 Ingredients That Should NEVER Touch Your Skin


 Almost everyone in the world wants to look and feel their best, so when it comes to skincare, a lot of people are willing to try whatever it takes to make their skin glowing and radiant. The problem is that some skin care products contain harmful ingredients that could not only affect your skin but also cause some serious damage to your entire body.

Everyone has the right to use products that are not harmful to their bodies! To help you keep your health in tip-top shape and keep you safe from dangerous chemicals, we’ve rounded up 3 ingredients that you should steer clear of.


Why Parabens are dangerous for the skin

Parabens are a type of preservative that is commonly used in skincare products, but there's a good reason why you should never use them on your skin. First, they can cause irritation and inflammation. Second, they can disrupt your skin's natural production of collagen and elastin, resulting in signs of premature aging.

If you're looking to keep your skin healthy and free of damage, be sure to avoid products that contain parabens. Not only can paraben-free products help you avoid rashes on your face, but you’ll also sleep better at night knowing these harmful ingredients aren’t attacking your body!


avoid sulfates in skincare

Sulfates are known to damage the skin and cause irritation, so why would anyone want to use products that contain them? They are extremely harsh and can cause serious damage to your skin and can also strip away natural oils, leaving your skin feeling dry and irritated. On top of that, they can cause breakouts, redness, and inflammation.

The good news is that each one of these symptoms caused by Sulfates can be easily avoided! No matter what skincare product you’re shopping for, look out for brands that are free from Sulfates. In return, you can help create a more hydrated, glowing complexion.


Phthalates effect on skin

Damage from phthalates is difficult to avoid. You can find them in cosmetics, food, and many other places. But why are they so dangerous? Studies have linked them to hormone problems, birth defects, early puberty, obesity, and even cancer. That's why it's so important to avoid using products that contain them at all costs.

If you're looking for safe and healthy skin care products, look for brands that are phthalate-free. While they may be hard to find, they are definitely out there and they can help you avoid the damage that Phthalates cause to your body. You won’t regret spending a little extra time looking after your health!

So next time you're at the store, check the labels on your cosmetics and personal care products. If you see any of these ingredients listed, put the product back on the shelf and find something else. Your health will thank you for it!