3 Ingredients That Will Banish Bad Bacteria And Keep Your Complexion Youthful And Radiant

Jun 09, 2022
3 Ingredients That Will Banish Bad Bacteria And Keep Your Complexion Youthful And Radiant

Whether your daily routine has you leaving the comfort of your home or you usually spend your time indoors, harmful bacteria that could ruin your skin is everywhere. It’s almost impossible to avoid and can cause aging to speed up, not to mention it puts the health of your complexion at risk!

One of your main priorities when it comes to your routine should be keeping your skin as healthy as you can. These 3 tips will help you do exactly that and in turn, enjoy a fresher and more radiant complexion for longer!

Tea Tree Oil

tea tree oil anti-bacterial skincare

One of the nasty side-effects of harmful bacteria on your skin is itchiness and redness. If you’re not consistent enough with your cleansing routine, bad bacteria can cause a lot of discomfort and change your appearance for the worse. There’s nothing more frustrating than having a noticeably red and irritated complexion!

Tea tree oil is a superstar when it comes to fighting away bad bacteria and healing any irritation in your skin. It’s been known to have healing properties and is commonly used in skincare for sensitive skin. Even if you haven’t experienced any sensitivities, it’s a great idea to keep this ingredient in your routine to help your skin stay protected and healthy on any given day!

Peppermint Oil

how peppermint oil protects your skin

Bacteria is a mastermind at making itself at home in anyone’s complexion, but it especially loves a face that hasn’t been cleansed recently. If you’re not washing your face at least twice a day, you’re leaving your skin vulnerable to clogged and enlarged pores - which bacteria can’t get enough of!

To kick out the bad bacteria and keep your skin as clean as possible, turn to Peppermint oil. This naturally-derived ingredient is a powerful cleanser and helps to flush out dirt and impurities in your pores, leaving your skin clean and your pores tight! As an added bonus, its fresh and crisp smell is to die for!

Lavender Oil

lavender oil anti wrinkle

We’ve already covered how bacteria can cause irritation and enlarged pores, but what many people don’t know is that it can also speed up the aging process and create more wrinkles and fine lines that could start to litter your complexion. No one likes the idea of having more wrinkles, so beware of bacteria!

Luckily, Lavender oil can save the day for you. This fresh and floral ingredient is not only great at banishing bacteria from your skin but it’s also known to be a powerful anti-wrinkle treatment. It helps to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines in your complexion and will help keep your skin healthy and glowing as long as you use it consistently in your routine.

No matter where you go, bacteria is all around us and is sure to try and make its home in your complexion - but you can still give your skin a fighting chance! By using these 3 powerful anti-bacterial ingredients, you’ll help your skin stay protected and healthy, so don’t miss out on them and add them to your routine ASAP!