These Ingredients Will Fade Your Dark Spots Quickly!

Mar 22, 2022
These Ingredients Will Fade Your Dark Spots Quickly!


Dark spots are signs of sun damage past - but why are they so hard to get rid of? Because they're caused by damage and melanin buildup, only a few ingredients have the power to fight back.

If you’re sick of your age spots, dark spots, and sunspots invading your face, check out these top ingredients that are sure to give you noticeable results you’ll see in the mirror!


poria mushroom dark spots

Mushrooms are great for your body but did you know they’re also beneficial for your skin? Mushrooms are making waves in skincare for their ability to fight off dark spots and none are as effective as Poria. Poria mushrooms have been used for over 2000 years as an ancient remedy for dark spots - but now it’s even easier to get your hands on.

This unique ingredient isn’t available everywhere which is why it’s such a special ingredient in our Dark Spot Corrector. As a key ingredient, it goes deep into the skin to help fade and banish pigmentation. Best of all, it’s natural, safe, and has been tested to help fade spots in as little as 30 days.

Peony Root

peony root for dark spots

Dark spots are something humans have dealt with since the dawn of time and as long as the sun shines, it’s something we will have to continue tackling. From weather to environmental factors, there are tons of reasons you're getting more spots, but peony root might just be the perfect thing to help.

Did you know that peony root is one of the best natural ingredients for fighting off pigmentation? Packed full of antioxidants, peony root helps protect your skin from pollution and damage that can stress your skin out and cause it to create dark spots in the first place. Applying it daily in your Dark Spot Corrector will help repair existing damage but also protect your skin from new spots appearing.

Vitamin C 

vitamin c for dark spots

If we had to choose a superhero ingredient to fight dark spots, it would be vitamin C. No matter how your spots form, vitamin C has the power to help fade and minimize them, even on the most damaged types of skin.

Vitamin C works best because of its amazing antioxidant properties. While you can go pick up a vitamin C serum at the drugstore - beware. Not all vitamin C is made to the same quality and standards. That’s why we include 5 different kinds of it in its most stable form in our Dark Spot Corrector to make sure that each application gives you maximum power to fade spots for good!