These Three Ingredients Will Help Transition Your Skin For Spring

Sep 22, 2021
These Three Ingredients Will Help Transition Your Skin For Spring

With the temperature rising and spring on the way, it’s very important to make sure your skin is ready for the new season and that it’s been prepped correctly to avoid damage.

If you want to manage aging and welcome spring with immaculate skin, check out these easy-to-use ingredients that will help your spring skin glow and take years off your look.

Vitamin C

clean skin When you get sick, vitamin C is usually the go-to ingredient to help get your health back. It turns out that it’s also a superhero for your skin, especially as the weather transitions to spring. Vitamin C is one of the few ingredients in skincare that is 100% natural but can outperform some of the most powerful man-made ingredients. It’s lightweight, effective, and packed with antioxidants.

Vitamin C is going to help brighten your entire complexion so when you step out in spring, you don’t have the pale, dull look of winter skin. It is also a superhero for helping minimize visible skin damage. From dark spots to age spots, applying vitamin C daily to your skin is going to help fade spots and prevent new ones from popping up. After all, 80% of women say they are most worried about age spots as they get older.

Sea Buckthorn

rub to hard When spring hits, it’s not uncommon for the weather to flip-flop from hot to cool for a number of weeks. This can wreak havoc on the skin because it will promote unnecessary dryness which leads to wrinkles. If you’re not treating your skin with Sea Buckthorn, your skin texture will suffer and you could be welcoming spring with worse wrinkles than ever.

Applying Sea Buckthorn to your skin as part of your daily routine is going to help regulate oils in your skin to avoid dryness. Immediately, you’ll notice that a wrinkles are less noticeable and deep thanks to ample hydration from Sea Buckthorn. One of the coolest things about Sea Buckthorn is that it can help protect you from sun damage. We always suggest using an SPF to protect skin but the natural compounds in this amazing ingredient will add an extra layer of protection to keep UV rays and free radicals away!


Stay consistent We love an ingredient that can help with many symptoms of aging skin and Niacinamide is just that! This special form of vitamin B is great for transitioning your skin to spring thanks to its many benefits. In spring, the mix of warm and cold can cause clogged pores, sun damage, and excessively dry or oily skin – but Niacinamide can help!

This powerful ingredient helps support and protect your skin barrier which is responsible for how your skin looks and feels. Suitable for almost all skin types, it works to help shrink pores, balance oil, and build skin immunity. Using it daily as part of your spring skincare routine is going to minimize sun damage, treat hyperpigmentation, and soften visible wrinkles. When it comes to skincare ingredients, we believe Niacinamide is by far one of the most powerful for transitioning skin!