Three Proven Ingredients That Can Make Your Eyes Look Younger

Feb 15, 2022
Three Proven Ingredients That Can Make Your Eyes Look Younger


Eye wrinkles are some of the first lines you’ll experience on your face and get worse with age. From sagging lids to puffy bags and dark circles, there are plenty of reasons why you should focus on your eyes.

If you’re sick of your eyes looking tired and old and want a proven and easy way to revive them, check out these effective ingredients made specifically for your delicate eye skin.

Dragon Fruit Extract

dragon fruit for wrinklesWhen you’re looking to treat wrinkles, especially around the eyes, you need to look for ingredients that are designed to penetrate deep. That’s why skin care professionals are blown away by the power of Dragon Fruit extract and the ability it has for turning the clock back on aging eyes.

This exotic fruit comes packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients which have shown impressive results in helping to treat eye wrinkles. Dragon Fruit is also super effective at fighting free radicals which are the main cause of aging eyes. It truly is one of the most powerful natural ingredients for reviving tired, aging eyes.


best eye wrinkle treatment

If you keep up with skincare, you’ve probably heard about hyaluronic acid and its amazing ability to plump lines. Well, let us introduce you to Hyalusphere, a similar but more effective compound for fighting wrinkles, sagging eyelids, and dark eye circles.

Hyalusphere is special because it is formulated to work effectively on mature, aging skin. When you apply it twice a day to your eye area as a key ingredient in your Eye Recovery Serum, you’re going to see impressive results. Almost instantly, you’ll be able to firm, contour, and plump your eye area and help take years off your look.


aldavine wrinkle peptide

When it comes to curing wrinkles, nothing is more powerful than peptides. These amazing compounds can help restructure your skin and provide wrinkle relief at the cellular level. Many peptides are too large for the delicate eye skin making them ineffective - but not Aldavine.

Aldavine was specially made with tiny molecules that can help penetrate the eye skin better than any other ingredient. It goes deep to help plump and revive skin so you can start your day bright-eyed. Best of all, it’s been tested and proven by doctors meaning it’s a safe and effective way to make your eye area look younger without needles or surgery!