Three Things That You Should NEVER Do To Your Skin

Sep 22, 2021
Three Things That You Should NEVER Do To Your Skin

On the journey to beautiful skin, there are some do’s and don’t that are going to help you yield the best results. While you may pay close attention to what your skin needs – if you’re guilty of these skincare sins, you’re actually hurting your results.

To get the best-looking skin possible and age beautifully, you’re going to want to make sure you never, ever, do these things to your skin!

Pick At Your Skin

clean skin From breakouts to flakes, it can be very tempting to pick at your skin when you notice an imperfection. Not only are you transferring the dirt and bacteria to your face from your hands, but you are also disrupting your skin when you pick at it. This can lead to worse breakouts, scars, and imperfections that can be difficult to get rid of or can scar your face.

Instead of picking at your skin, find out why your skin is behaving like this. Breakouts might mean you’re not cleansing properly, in which case switching to an oil cleanser will help you soften skin and avoid breakouts. If you are seeing flakes, a hydrating moisturizer will deliver peptides and hydration to help stop flakes for good. Instead of picking at your skin, focus on an easy solution for the problem.

Skip Moisturizer

rub to hard Skipping your moisturizer for a day might seem like a harmless thing, but even missing one day can throw off the balance of your skin. No matter if you’ve got dry or oily skin, a daily moisturizer works to balance your skin and hydrate to the deeper layers that you can’t see. This helps regulate your oil production and will deliver wrinkle-fighting ingredients to your skin.

If you skin moisturizer, consider it like the one step forward, two steps back rule. For every day you skin, it’s twice as bad as every day you use it. That means to keep wrinkles at bay and your complexion glowing, you need to use your moisturizer every single day. If you are using an anti-aging moisturizer like our Repair & Release Cream, skipping a day can mean that it will take you longer to see results so you want to stay consistent with your cream for the best results possible!

Going To Bed With Makeup

Stay consistent If you asked skincare experts what the worst thing you can do to your skin is they would all agree that it’s going to bed with makeup on. We use makeup every day to make ourselves look our best, but if you don’t properly remove it before bed, it will cause bacteria to fester in your skin and may cause accelerated wrinkles and aging. We know you don’t need help getting more wrinkles so taking off your makeup is vital to seeing results.

Most people will use two steps to remove makeup – first, a makeup remover and then a cleanser or soap. If you want to cut down your routine and get better results, using an oil cleanser is going to remove makeup, fight wrinkles, and clean skin all in one step. It will also deliver anti-aging ingredients to your freshly cleaned skinwhich can help you fight wrinkles and sagging skin in the long term too!