The Many Ways Coconut Oil Can Be Added To Your Beauty Routine

Sep 27, 2021
The Many Ways Coconut Oil Can Be Added To Your Beauty Routine

Summer is everyone’s favorite time of year! With the sun blazing, the grass bright green and the beach calling your name, it’s easy to throw your routines to the wind in order to enjoy yourself and get the most out of these beautiful months of the year.

It has shown impressive potential benefits, particularly for nutritional, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic uses. Virgin coconut oil or VCO is sourced from- you guessed it- coconuts and is mostly derived from the inner flesh of the nut. This natural, organic ingredient offers a unique helping hand to spice up your makeup. Whether you’re by the beach or in more arid climates, coconut also has the ability to moisturize your skin without even trying! Here are just a few ways coconut oil can be your champion.

Lift Makeup Easily

What can be better for your skin than an all-natural makeup remover? Pure coconut oil is not only safe to use, it is effective in removing even the most stubborn eye makeup.

Apply it carefully onto the skin and rub gently in circular motions. The oil will help lift the makeup off your skin. Once you’re done, all you have to do is rinse it off with lukewarm water and a tiny bit of face wash and voila! You’ll look refreshed, fabulous and won’t be sleeping in your makeup at night.

Silky Smooth Skin

Coconut oil makes for a fantastic moisturizer for your skin. Studies show that it can help improve your skin’s moisture content over time. It can even reduce the irritating symptoms associated with eczemas, such as dry skin, itching, and rashes. Coconut oil is also rich in lauric and caprylic acids. These acids are essential amino acids and contain Vitamin E. When applied, coconut oil forms a natural barrier on the skin that helps keep it soft, smooth, and healthy.

Other than keeping skin smooth, coconut oil helps protect it from harmful bacteria. So not only can you brag about how silky your skin is, but you’ll stop fungi and other external forces from wreaking havoc!

Deep Condition Your Locks

rub to skin Coconut oil has been shown to be far superior to the old staple, mineral oil, in conditioning hair. It’s capable of penetrating the hair shaft, something that mineral oil fails to do.

Researchers believe the polarity of coconut oil allows it to have a natural affinity to hair protein. This characteristic also makes coconut oil better in protecting hair against damage, leaving it soft, smooth, and healthy. When you want to boost your hair game, this might just be the best option to give your hair the moisture it’s been missing!

Highlight Those Cheekbones

Coconut oil gives skin a natural sheen, so it’s perfect for highlighting cheekbones. You won’t have to worry about harmful chemicals and ingredients. And think of how much money you’ll save when you want to budget a little too!

The trick is to let your makeup settle first on your skin and then apply the coconut oil. If you want to add even more glam, you can add a second layer over it, but be sure to use a disposable brush or sponge to avoid any messes.

Shave Confidently

Shaving cream companies talk a big game when they sell their products. But, of course, they have to if they want to move product. A lot of the time they do alright, but if you’ve noticed a trend of getting cuts even if you slather on a pound of the stuff, you might be getting weary of the same old thing.

So in steps coconut oil, which surprisingly is a great substitute for shaving cream. It provides a protective barrier and allows the blade to run over the skin without damaging the upper layers. Plus, it will not clog the razor and will leave skin silky-smooth. You’ll want to rinse thoroughly with soap and water since water alone doesn’t really play nice with any type of oil.

Pucker Up

rub skin Lips are naturally prone to chap due to the thin layer of skin that covers them. Chapstick can indeed help, but if you’re relaxing in the sun all day it’s probably not going to fully moisturize the skin. Nor will reapplying chapstick help either.

Protect them by applying a thin amount of coconut oil to help them stay smooth and soft. You can also apply some over your favorite lipstick for an all-day glow. Kopari Coconut Lip Love, for example, is just one of many options out there that can give your lips the attention they need.

Night Cream

Coconut oil is perfect as a night cream, though you may not have thought about it at first. Oil on your face at night? Isn’t the whole point to avoid things like that to sleep with a clean face palette? Most of the time, yes it is. But coconut oil acts a little differently.

When you apply a thin layer over the face and neck, it absorbs into the skin to hydrate it all night. It aids in the natural ability of the skin to repair itself.

A Truly Humble Ingredient

With the push to promote safe, natural ingredients, the beauty industry has discovered and re-discovered coconut oil time and time again. Coconut oil is one of nature’s most beneficial wonders and contains some incredible properties along with it. With its easy availability and cost-effectiveness, this humble ingredient has remained one of the safest and easiest to integrate into your regular skin care.