These Common Moisturizing Mistakes Will Hurt Your Results

Sep 21, 2021
These Common Moisturizing Mistakes Will Hurt Your Results

When we spend time and money on our skin, we expect to see results. Sadly, some people will use their products for months before seeing anything – and we know why it’s not working.

It turns out there is more to results than just using a product. Here are a few of the biggest mistakes people make in their moisturizing routine and how it’s holding your skin back.

It’s “Multipurpose”

It may be enticing to see a two in one product in stores. While they promise to help your skin in more ways than one, oftentimes these ingredients cancel each other out and you get fewer results from a product that promises more. Take SPF and peptides for instance. When you mix an SPF into a moisturizer with high-quality peptides, it can make the SPF work less and the peptides too. That means you’ll be putting the same amount of effort into your routine but getting less back from it.

If you want to see real results, stop trying to double up steps in your routine and buy products that have one specific function. If you need SPF, apply sunscreen on top of your routine (and don’t forget to re-apply!). If you’re looking to fight wrinkles, finding a high-powered peptide moisturizer will help deliver results without compromising ingredients. So the next time you go to choose a moisturizer, don’t try and find a one-size-fits-all and opt for something that will target wrinkles and lines specifically!

It’s For The Wrong Skin Type

In an effort to sell you even more products, so many brands these days are dividing products up by skin type and recommending them that way. Sadly, this is nothing more than a marketing ploy as any high-quality product should be suitable for all skin types. Unless you are using synthetic ingredients, parabens, and other harmful agents in your products, there is no reason it shouldn’t work for everyone.

When we formulated our products, we used only the best quality ingredients to ensure that they would never cause dryness, irritation, or greasy skin. That means that no matter what your skin type, you can benefit from the hydration and peptides in every bottle of South Beach Skin Lab. Stop being fooled into buying skin-type specific products and opt for higher quality products that work for everyone!

You’re Applying It Dry

Stay consistentThere is nothing we love more than sharing tips that will make a huge impact on your routine – and this is one of them! When you apply your moisturizer, did you know that it will work even better if it’s applied to damp skin instead of dry? We’ve been taught to apply products to a dry face but recent studies have shown that you’ll get better results and more hydration if you apply your moisturizer right after cleansing.

If you follow your Lavender Oil Cleanser with your Repair & Release Cream, it will allow the product to go deeper into pores and provide hydration to all layers of your skin. It will also help the peptides work even better since they’ve been applied to a clean and damp canvas. This should help you get better results – and much faster than usual! Who knew one little trick could help so much with your results!