These Easy-Care Houseplants Can Improve Your Skin Drastically

Sep 25, 2021
These Easy-Care Houseplants Can Improve Your Skin Drastically

Plants have always been an ideal addition to our households. Not only are most plants affordable, low-maintenance and good for your health, they can also have some amazing effects on your skin.

Now we’re not suggesting to ditch your entire South Beach Skin Lab routine for a few cacti, because great skin does require the right tools! That being said, experts have revealed that certain house plants can actually be really great for your skin and here are just a few of their recommendations!

Peace Lilies

clean skin The best plants for your skin are ones that provide a decent amount of humidity to the air, like the Peace Lily. These plants have large canopies and require lots of water so they end up adding that moisture back to the air and keeping skin from drying out.

The peace lily is not only a beautiful addition to any home but will help in both winter and summer to keep your skin looking it’s best. When skin is dry, wrinkles appear deeper and worse making you look older than you should. Adding peace lilies to your home is sure to have your skin feeling a surge of moisture leaving a beautiful glow to your complexion!


rub to hard You’ve heard us talk before about the effects of stress and how it can make your skin look tired and wrinkles appear faster. The great news is that growing a little bit of lavender in your home will not only look beautiful but it will help you feel relaxed from its a naturally calming scent.

The stunning purple flowers of Lavender give off an amazing smell and experts have proven it to help people relax and unwind. So grab some lavender and let the relaxing smell fill your home and help you feel centered and grounded!

Aloe Vera

Stay consistent Aloe might seem familiar if you’ve ever dealt with a sunburn, but this beautiful plant can actually help your skin in more ways than one and is great to keep around the house!

Aloe Vera is very easy to keep alive so this is a great choice for those who don’t have a green thumb. Growing an Aloe plant is proven to help clean the air in your home, resulting in fewer toxins and free radicals forming. It’s also great to use topically for dry skin or any burns or cuts that happen around the house.

Fun Fact: Aloe incredibly soothing which is why it’s one of our key natural ingredients in our Repair & Release Cream!

What plants do you keep in your home to help with your skin? Share them with us in the comments below!