This Is Why You Should Never Use Face Cleansing Wipes

Sep 21, 2021
This Is Why You Should Never Use Face Cleansing Wipes

When face wipes first became popular, they seemed like the answer to our busy lifestyles. They claimed to allow you to remove dirt and makeup in one easy step – but it was too good to be true.

It turns out that using face wipes to clean your face is going to make you age faster and cause a host of other issues for your skin. Here are the top reasons you should avoid them at all costs.

They Cause Wrinkles

clean skinYou may think that it’s easy and convenient to use face wipes, and you wouldn’t be more wrong. But if you knew the kind of wrinkles they’re capable of causing, we promise you’d never touch one again. When you are using a harsh cloth against your face it can cause friction and pulling on your skin. This won’t just diminish your collagen production, but it will also lead to wrinkles and sagging skin.

When you wash with an oil cleanser, it allows water and cleaning agents to rinse off the skin without any pulling or tugging. This allows you to clean your face without risking the damage of wipes. The oil will lubricate your skin to clean without friction and give you a cleaner complexion than wipes ever could all while delivering wrinkle-fighting ingredients while it cleans.

They Have Bad Ingredients

rub to hardWhen was the last time you read the ingredients on your makeup wipes? If you turn them over, chances are you won’t be able to pronounce a single ingredient in them. That’s because these wipes require synthetic ingredients and preservatives to keep them moist and fresh in a package that sits open on your counter. These ingredients do wonders for extending the shelf life of your products but can have terrible effects on your skin and your health.

When choosing a cleanser it’s important to look for something that has clean and natural ingredients. The convenience of face wipes isn’t worth the risk, so take an extra minute a day and switch over to using a natural oil cleanser. It will get skin much cleaner than wipes and you’ll be using the power of natural and safe ingredients like lavender oil, olive oil, and tea tree.

They Strip Your Oils

Stay consistentYou may think you are doing something good by cleaning your skin, but even the occasional use of cleansing wipes can strip skin of natural oils and throw off your skin type. If you suffer from problems like dryness or excess oil, the likely culprit is your wipes. Because of the chemicals inside of them, they can disrupt your natural oils sending your skin into panic mode.

Keeping your natural oils healthy is a crucial part of your anti-aging journey. Those with balanced skin are known to experience less sagging and fewer wrinkles as they age. Time and time again, the best way to balance your skin has proven to be oil cleansing. Instead of stripping your skin, it works with your natural oil production (or lack of) to hydrate and balance skin. Best of all, it’s pulling double duty delivering a healthy glow and fighting dullness!