Myth: The More Product You Use, The Better The Results - Is It True?

May 22, 2024
Myth: The More Product You Use, The Better The Results - Is It True?


In the world of skincare, there’s never a shortage of beauty-related myths and legends. One of those myths is that slathering on as much product as you can will yield better results. But is this belief grounded in reality?

Today, we’ll debunk the myth surrounding the idea that quantity equals effectiveness, uncover the truths behind this myth, and offer a simplified guide to achieving optimal results with your skincare routine.

The Myth

You may have heard the saying "more is better" when it comes to skincare products, with the assumption that using larger amounts will lead to more dramatic improvements in skin health and appearance.

Most people seem to believe that applying a generous amount of your creams and serums will deliver faster and more noticeable results and that you can never have “too much” when it comes to the amount of skincare product you use at once. The truth is that this myth has created a lot of waste in the beauty industry and actually doesn’t benefit your skin at all…

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The Truth

Contrary to the myth, the truth is that using excessive amounts of product can actually be counterproductive and may even cause negative effects. Skincare products are formulated with specific concentrations of active ingredients, and using more than the recommended amount can overwhelm your skin and lead to irritation, breakouts, or other undesirable outcomes.

Additionally, many skincare products are designed to be potent and effective at their recommended usage amounts. Using more product than necessary not only wastes the product and your money but also increases the risk of sensitivity or allergic reactions, especially if your skin is on the sensitive side.

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What You Should Do

Your best bet is to pay attention to the instructions that are usually found on the side of your skincare packaging. These instructions typically specify the amount of product to use and how often to apply it, and will help you get the most out of your skincare without wasting it!

Pay attention to how your skin responds to different products and adjust your routine if you need to. It might take a little time, but you should see the glowing difference in your skin after just a few weeks of using your product - and you can get the results you want without wasting your skincare!


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Remember, quality over quantity is key when it comes to skincare, and sometimes you have to remind yourself that when it comes to skincare, less can be more!