Stories From South Beach: Joanne's Story

Apr 28, 2024
Stories From South Beach: Joanne's Story


Now that it’s officially spring, everyone at South Beach Skin Lab is happy to say goodbye to the cold dryness of winter and welcome in the warmth of summer! Another person who is especially excited to see an end to the winter season is Joanne, a South Beach Skin Lab customer we caught up with last month.

For years, Joanne dreaded winter because of the toll it would take on her complexion.

During the colder months, dry skin was always a challenge for her, and no matter how hard she tried and which skincare products she tested, she found herself dealing with flaky, tight skin until the season was finally over.

"I tried countless products, hoping to find relief for my dry, irritated skin, but nothing seemed to offer the hydration my skin needed."

But even though she felt like she was getting nowhere, Joanne never gave up on finding a solution, and it eventually paid off when she stumbled upon South Beach Skin Lab’s very own Peptide PM Shield

"From the moment I began using it, I noticed a huge difference. My skin felt more hydrated than ever before, and some of my fine lines even appeared less noticeable."

The transformative effects of The Peptide PM Shield extended beyond how she looked; it gave Joanne a sense of relief from the discomfort she experienced for months on end.

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"It was like a soothing balm for my skin!"

Joanne shared that, as she added The Peptide PM Shield into her skincare routine, she noticed a gradual improvement in the overall health and appearance of her skin.

"It wasn't just about looking good; it was about feeling good. Prioritizing the health of my skin became essential to me, and I learned that you can’t have a glowing complexion without taking care of its health first."

She’s not wrong! Taking care of the skin’s health is the best way to make a bee-line towards better-looking skin, which is why The Peptide PM Shield has had so many South Beach Skin Lab customers head over heels for their results!

It helps to protect and strengthen the skin while you sleep - which is when your body’s natural rebuilding phase starts to kick in.

With time, Joanne's dedication to her skincare routine paid off in ways she never imagined. The once-dry and flaky patches on her skin became a distant memory as she reveled in the newfound smoothness and suppleness of her complexion.

"I used to dread the winter months because of how dry and irritated my skin would become, but now my skin is well-protected and hydrated."

In addition to the physical improvements, Joanne experienced a newfound sense of confidence and self-assurance.

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"Knowing that my skin looked and felt its best gave me a boost of confidence that I really needed.”

As she continues on her skincare journey, she remains grateful for the role that The Peptide PM Shield has played in transforming her skin and her life, and when we asked her to share her best skincare advice, this is what she had to say:

“Don’t focus so much on wrinkles and all that stuff, just focus on getting your skin healthy. Once you’ve done that, you’ll find that’s all you need to look your best.”

In a day and age where so many of us feel self-conscious about how we look, it’s refreshing to hear such a positive take on skincare, and it’s certainly a perspective that we can support!