Stories From South Beach: Sandra's Story

Jul 24, 2023
Stories From South Beach: Sandra's Story


This summer, South Beach Skin Lab has been focusing on the dangers that UV rays pose to the skin and how much they can accelerate aging, so when we received a call from Sandra in Wyoming, we were so excited to hear about her first-hand experience with our Dark Spot Corrector, but we were also horrified at some of the things she had to tell us!

“There are so many products out there that claim to get rid of dark spots, and boy do I have some scary stories…”

Sandra hasn’t been part of the South Beach Family for very long, but she says she’s been in the market for something to help her get rid of her dark spots for many years.

“I’ve bounced around from product to product and given each one a fair shot, but for the longest time none of them seemed to work until I tried your dark spot corrector.

She told us about a product she tried that all her friends recommended, but it ruined her complexion for almost a year!

When we asked her about it, this is just part of what she had to say:

About Sandra

“Well, it started with a rash that wouldn’t go away, and when I stopped using the product my skin became patchy and discolored. I had to wear full-coverage makeup every time I left the house and it made me feel so insecure!”

Sadly, Sandra isn’t the only person to have this happen to her. So many lightening and whitening creams on the market are filled with intense, dangerous ingredients that really aren’t meant for the skin.

In fact, when we were doing some research, we even found out that some creams meant to lighten the skin contain Mercury!

Almost everybody knows how dangerous Mercury is to your health, and using it frequently on your skin can cause all sorts of health concerns.

When we spoke to Sandra about this, she confessed she wasn’t all that concerned with ingredients before, but after her nightmare experience, she pays a lot more attention.

“I’ve never been into super health-conscious products, but my experience made me realize that I need to pay attention to ingredients more, especially when I’m buying products that are not made here in the States.”

Unfortunately, products that come from some other countries don’t always contain safe-to-use ingredients, which is why Sandra was so keen to try our products as they’re made right here in the USA!

Sandra Quote

“That was the first big thing for me, that your products were made here. After I saw your ingredients, I was even more convinced, but the real thing that made me purchase was your reviews! I couldn’t believe how many people were saying they saw amazing results.”

When we asked her if she agreed with the reviews on our site, she said this:

“Oh absolutely! I am really glad I found this product because not only has it helped me fade my dark spots, but it also feels so good knowing that I’m using safe ingredients that are actually good for me. It’s staying on my shelf for the long haul!”

While there’s a lot of misinformation out there about which ingredients are safe to use or not, we totally agree that it’s important to do your research and make sure you’re using products that aren’t harmful to your skin or your body.

And since we ask everybody for their best skincare advice, we weren’t surprised by Sandra’s answer when we asked her.

“Do your research and don’t sacrifice your health for beauty! No product out there is worth creating a health problem for yourself.”

Since this isn’t something that the skincare community talks about very often, we’re sure glad Sandra brought it up, and we’re in total agreement with her.

After all, it’s possible to get the results you want and take care of your health at the same time, and we’re pretty proud of our line and how much it helps each of our customers do exactly that!