3 Reasons Collagen Breaks Down And What You Can Do About It

Jan 15, 2023
3 Reasons Collagen Breaks Down And What You Can Do About It


As we age, our skin begins to change. We start to see wrinkles, sagging skin, and an overall decrease in the natural elasticity of our skin. What’s causing these changes? The answer lies in the breakdown of collagen in your face.

Collagen is a protein that gives our skin suppleness and structure, so when it breaks down, it can be difficult to restore its original form. Let’s take a look at why collagen breaks down and what you can do about it.

Sun Exposure

UV Rays are one of the biggest culprits behind collagen breakdown. Unprotected exposure to sunlight (especially if you’re fair-skinned) speeds up the aging process by breaking down collagen faster than normal.

To combat this issue, wear sunscreen daily with an SPF of 30 or higher! Not only will your skin stay protected from UVA/UVB rays, but you’ll also reduce the risk of premature aging caused by sun damage.



There’s no denying that pollution affects our health—and our skin is no exception! Pollutants like smoke particles can damage collagen and speed up the aging process for those who live in polluted areas.

To counteract this problem, make sure you cleanse and moisturize your face daily as part of your skincare routine. This will help replenish lost moisture caused by pollutants in the air and keep your skin clean and healthy. If you can, try to avoid going outside during peak pollution hours whenever possible!

 pollution harming the skin

Poor Diet & Lifestyle

Believe it or not, your diet and lifestyle have a huge impact on how quickly collagen breaks down over time. Eating sugary foods leads to inflammation which damages your skin and reduces collagen production; while smoking cigarettes causes your complexion to become more fragile and vulnerable to aging.

To avoid these issues, focus on eating a balanced diet full of nutrient-rich fruits & vegetables while avoiding processed sugars & unhealthy fats; as well as quitting smoking completely if you are currently a smoker!

 healthy lifestyle benefits

Collagen is essential for healthy skin, but when it begins to break down it can be difficult to restore its original form! With just a few simple changes in lifestyle habits along with a regular skincare routine, you can help reduce the chances of premature aging caused by collagen breakdown.