4 Essentials Tips For Using Makeup On Irritated Or Sensitive Skin

Sep 27, 2021
4 Essentials Tips For Using Makeup On Irritated Or Sensitive Skin

For many individuals, wearing makeup is an important part of getting ready to face the day. Unfortunately, sensitive skin can sometimes make it challenging to successfully wear makeup. Skin irritation, breakouts, and sun damage are all problems that individuals with sensitive skin must deal with. Fortunately, with careful skin care and good judgement when choosing makeup products, sensitive skin can look and feel its best.

Choose the Right Makeup

It is important to choose the right makeup for use on sensitive skin. Inexpensive cosmetics made from inferior ingredients are likely to irritate the skin and produce negative results. Read labels carefully, looking for products that are marked as being hypoallergenic or non-comedogenic.

clean skin A high-quality product that contains high quality ingredients is always the best choice. This is equally important when choosing cosmetics that are labeled as containing “natural” ingredients. Natural ingredients are often best, but it is important to realize that even some natural ingredients can cause skin irritation.

Protect Your Skin

Sensitive skin should always be protected from the sun and harsh elements. Makeup can be used sparingly when needed. However, sunscreen should be used under makeup to provide good protection from sun damage.

rub to hard Some cosmetics are formulated to contain sunscreen. However, sensitive skin will benefit from using a good sunscreen underneath any cosmetic formulation. Many people fail to realize how damaging even a little sun exposure can be to the skin. Sun protection is important for everyone, but it’s absolutely critical for those who have sensitive skin

Keep It Cleansed

Keeping your hands scrupulously clean when applying makeup will help prevent irritated skin and breakouts. Likewise, thoroughly removing makeup at the end of the day will help prevent problems with sensitive skin.

clean skin Applying makeup with unclean hands can cause a multitude of undesirable issues. Dirt, bacteria, oil and other contaminants on one’s hands will transfer to the face when applying makeup. These contaminants can be quite irritating to sensitive skin, even when using hypoallergenic cosmetics. Additionally, dirt and bacteria will transfer from one’s hands to the cosmetics, thus causing contamination. Bacteria can grow within cosmetic containers, creating a nightmare of irritation for sensitive skin.

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Neglecting to carefully remove cosmetics at the end of the day, especially before going to bed, is another way to unnecessarily irritate the skin. It is important to thoroughly remove all traces of cosmetics, so that your skin can “breathe” and rest.

Of course, it is important to also use gentle, hypoallergenic non-comedogenic cleansing products. Use a gentle touch when removing cosmetics, and never scrub the skin. Although there are “scrub” cleansers on the market, these are rarely a good choice for individuals with sensitive skin. Instead, choose a gentle cleansing lotion or bar, using clean hands and a circular motion with the fingertips to completely remove makeup. Splash with clear water to rinse, and then gently blot dry with a soft towel.

Lighter is Better

Sensitive skin benefits from a more delicate touch when using cosmetics. Using a light application of foundation will not only benefit your skin, but will also avoid an unnatural “caked on” or “too heavy” look. Lighter cosmetic applications will give one’s skin a soft, dewy glow, while also not clogging pores or overwhelming sensitive skin.

Choose a lightweight foundation, applied sparingly. Never scrub the foundation into the skin. Instead, apply gently with the balls of the fingertips, or with a clean, soft makeup sponge. Less is definitely best when it comes to applying foundation.

Following these tips will help your sensitive skin stay healthy, while also looking its best when makeup is applied. Your skin will look and feel so good that you might even forget that you have sensitive skin.