5 Mistakes People With Great Skin Try To Avoid

Oct 01, 2022
5 Mistakes People With Great Skin Try To Avoid


The skincare world can be confusing and seems to have many rules. What’s worse - you may be making a bunch of mistakes in your skincare routine that you don’t even know about!

While these mistakes may not be too serious (you can definitely get away with making them!), you could see a change in your results if you correct them!

1. Leaving Your Products In The Bathroom

Most people keep their skin care products in the bathroom, but the truth is that shower steam and moisture create a perfect breeding ground for mould and bacteria. If you’re able to keep your products in an area that is dry and cool - like your bedroom - give that a go instead!

how to store skincare products

2. Drying Your Face With A Dirty Towel

If you’re a skincare nerd, you probably already have towels that are strictly for your face only. This is a great idea because most of your other towels will have collected a bunch of germs which you don’t want ruining your complexion! Instead of using a body or hand towel, try keeping a set of towels for your face only.

face towel

3. Applying Your Products Too Quickly

It can be really easy to rush through your skincare routine, especially if you have a ton of different steps! The only problem with this is that some products don’t mix well and need to settle into your skin before adding anything on top! Instead of rushing the process, try waiting at least 30 seconds between each step of your routine.

applying skincare products

4. Brushing Your Teeth At The Wrong Time

Brushing your teeth is necessary twice a day, but it’s important to ensure you’re doing it at the right time - before your skincare routine! Brushing your teeth after cleansing your face could lead to a nasty rash called perioral dermatitis which is not so fun.

brush your teeth before doing skincare

5. Doing Your Night Routine Too Close To Bedtime

If you read our blogs frequently, you’ll know that doing your nighttime routine too close to bedtime is a bad idea. It takes a while for your skincare to absorb into your skin and do the job you want it to. If you do your routine right before you fall asleep, your products will only end up on your pillow!

applying night time routine