Demi Moore’s Secret To Being Wrinkle-Free At 58 Years Old

Dec 16, 2021
Demi Moore’s Secret To Being Wrinkle-Free At 58 Years Old

We’ve been watching Demi Moore on our screen for as long as we can remember, but one thing we can’t get over is how she has stayed seemingly ageless for her entire time in the spotlight.

When we heard she wasn’t a fan of plastic surgery, we knew we had to get the details of her skin routine. Here’s exactly how Demi keeps her skin so youthful as she approaches 60!

She Fights Sagging

Celebrities often focus on wrinkles instead of sagging because sagging skin is usually treated with surgery. But Demi is different because she makes fighting sagging skin an important part of her routine. Because she doesn’t want to go under the knife, Demi takes extra care to avoid sagging skin on her neck and chest – and we know exactly what ingredients she trusts.

When it comes to lifting and firming sagging skin, nothing worked better than the Essenskin peptide. Known for its ability to fortify and restructure skin to make it firmer, it’s the go-to for celebrities like Demi who want to avoid plastic surgery down the line. Not only will it help combat sagging skin in the future but it can work to reverse signs of sagging skin you already see.

She Slathers It On

When it comes to using products, Demi is not interested in minimal application. In fact, she’s been known to apply her products extra times throughout the day. The reason for this is that if she can sneak in extra applications, it allows her skin to absorb extra peptides and nutrients that help fight off signs of wrinkles.

You always want to apply your moisturizer first thing in the morning and right before bed, but there are some other ideal times to apply it. For instance, when you come home from work or errands, apply your Repair & Release Cream to any areas that are prone to deep lines. Without messing up your makeup, you’ll be able to deliver extra nutrients to your most worrisome wrinkles. It will give your skin twice the amount of peptides so it can fight off wrinkles twice as hard!

She Loves A Lift


Demi may not be loyal to a specific brand for all her products, but her main focus when choosing her skincare comes down to one thing – ingredients that are proven to lift skin. In order to look as good as Demi, you need to focus on specific ingredients to help fight the most common signs of aging. We will take a page from her book on lifting ingredients any day.

To start, she focuses on peptides like Matrixyl which do wonders to firm and lift your skin. That’s because they penetrate all layers of your dermis to help your skin look and act younger. Not only will it relieve existing wrinkles but it will add a noticeable lift to your skin after consistent use. Even if you never step foot on a red carpet, firming ingredients will have you looking Hollywood ready every single day!