Here’s How You Can Re-Purpose Your Empty Skin Care Bottles

Sep 24, 2021
Here’s How You Can Re-Purpose Your Empty Skin Care Bottles

Skincare brands have a knack for producing some of the most beautiful bottles and jars to house their products. When we finish our favorite cream or serum, we usually just chuck the empty packaging into the trash, causing lots and lots of waste.

Thanks to some fun research, we’ve come up with a few of the best ways to create less waste from your skincare routine and re-purpose your product containers!

Keep Them For Travel

clean skin Over the last 10 years, airports have become much stricter with the size and amount of liquid or gel you can carry on an airplane. The rule is that you can bring anything under 3.4 oz and enough 3.4 oz containers to fill a large clear ziplock bag.

If you find that any of your empties fall under 3.4 oz, set them aside with your travel items to re-fill before a big flight. Instead of throwing them in the trash, give them a good rinse and let them dry before putting in any new product you’d like to bring for travel. Even skin cream containers can be good to store hair products or makeup when traveling.

Make A Vase

rub to hard Most skincare packaging is so pretty, you’d be happy to see sitting out every day, but most also have easy to remove labels. If you find you’ve got leftover cleanser jars, give new life to them by turning them from trash into treasure and creating a beautiful flower vase.

Once your bottle has been cleaned and emptied, add a bit of room temperature water to it and add your flowers. You can also look for fun design DIY’s for the outside of the bottle on Pinterest or Google to match it to any decor you already have!

Save Them For Your Next DIY Skincare Project

Stay consistent DIY skincare can be a super fun activity to do alone or even with the family! There are millions of search results online for make-at-home skincare and everyone can find one that works for them – with ingredients they already have! Most of these DIY’s are super easy and fun to make.

The whole point of DIY is to reduce, reuse and recycle so save your empties for your next skincare project! The empty bottles and containers from your skin care routine can serve as a new storage solution for your homemade creation! Just make sure to wash the containers well and mark the date you put the products in it so you know when they’ve soiled or gone bad!