Here’s Why You Should Use A Serum Instead of Cream Around Your Eyes

May 10, 2022
Here’s Why You Should Use A Serum Instead of Cream Around Your Eyes

Did you know that the skin around your eye area is super thin and delicate? If you’re not using an eye serum that is made especially for this area, you could be doing a lot of damage and speeding up the aging process - making dark circles and crow’s feet show up in your complexion before they’re supposed to.

The best way to avoid these signs of aging for as long as you can is to make sure you’re using a serum that is specially made for your eye area. To prove our point, we’ve put together a list of reasons why you should always make sure you’re using an eye serum - and not just any old cream.

The Skin Is Extra Fragile

Crows feet around the eyes

The skin around your eyes isn’t as tough as it is on the rest of your face, so it shows signs of aging like crow’s feet, puffy bags and dark circles more quickly. It isn’t easy to make sure your eye area is protected all the time, but if you don’t go the extra mile you can end up seeing these signs of aging turn up before they should.

If you use a thick cream, it can backfire on this especially delicate area, but eye serums are specially made to be gentle enough to help protect your eye area and fight signs of aging at the same time! Any Eye serum that’s worth your hard-earned money is going to have gentle yet effective ingredients to help you create a soothing, de-puffing effect.

Serums Cause Less Damage

How to get rid of dark circles

If you aren’t careful about how much pressure you use on the skin around your eyes when you apply your products, you could stretch the skin and destroy its collagen and elastin. That means you’re more likely to see things like wrinkles and fine lines starting to develop, making you feel insecure about your appearance.

Heavier creams can make you have to pull more, therefore making your wrinkles worse. That’s why using an eye serum is your best bet when it comes to this step in your routine. Since serums are thinner than a moisturizer, you don’t have to use as much pressure to make sure your eye area gets its dose of anti-wrinkle ingredients. Serums also absorb into the skin quickly, helping deliver the tightening and firming effect you’re looking for!

Eye Serums Are Safer

Puffy eye bags from aging

We’ve already covered the fact that the skin around the eyes is delicate, so you have to be careful about what type of ingredients you use here. Ingredients that can be used on your face aren’t necessarily the best for your eyes and can sometimes cause reactions and irritation which will also make you start to see signs of aging faster than usual.

By using an eye serum instead of a cream, you can feel at ease knowing that the ingredients in it are safe to use on your sensitive skin and will help you fight Dark circles and puffiness in the safest way possible. If your goal is to help create a youthful and bright under-eye area with gentle ingredients, an eye serum is the way to go!

Low-maintenance skincare routines are great, but making sure your eye area is cared for in the safest way possible is greater. If there is any skincare rule you always follow, let it be this one - your eyes will surely thank you for it and you’ll be so glad you did!