How To Keep Your Skin Looking Great During Travel

Sep 25, 2021
How To Keep Your Skin Looking Great During Travel

Travel can take a lot out of us. From early flights to crowded airports, we usually have enough to worry about when you’re packing up and heading somewhere new. But did you know that of all the exhausting effects of travel, the most noticeable can be felt and seen on your face!?

We’ve rounded up some of the most effective and easy ways to protect and care for your skin when it’s suffering from the travel blues to keep you looking youthful and gorgeous no matter where your travels take you!

Start Before You Leave

clean skin If you know you’ve got travel booked, don’t wait until you’re in the taxi to the airport to start worrying about your skin. The best time to start prepping your skin for travel is about a week before you leave.

Make sure you’ve spent a good few days hydrating and nourishing your skin prior to exposing it to the extreme dryness of the airplane. Our experts suggest using a hydrating mask the week before so your skin is well nourished and never missing an application morning or night with your Repair and Release Cream the week before departure.

The result will be fewer wrinkles and a brighter complexion once you reach your destination!

Use The Plane As Your Spa

rub to hard Now we’re not suggesting your board the plane in a full seaweed wrap but passing the time of a flight by giving your skin a little love is easy and effective. As long as your products are under 100ml, you’re able to bring them with you on the plane in your carry-on luggage.

Once you’re in the air, take some time to moisturize, care for your eye area, or even use a sheet mask to relax and rejuvenate skin. The best part about your Repair and Release Cream and Eye Lift Serum is that they’re the perfect size to travel since they meet the requirements for being under 100ml!

Show Your Skin Some Extra Love On Arrival

Stay consistent Think the airplane is the only place with stuffy, drying air that hurts your skin? Think again! Hotels are notorious for having really dry air and cranking the AC to full blast. This will not only dry out your skin but make wrinkles appear deeper and more visible.

To avoid this, you can use tricks like letting the shower run on hot for a few minutes to add humidity to the air. Also, make sure you stay consistent with your moisturizing and eye care routine for your whole trip and don’t skip applications. This will allow for your skin to look just as healthy on your return home, and stop wrinkles and lines from looking deeper from dehydration.

What are your skin care travel tips? Share them with us in the comments below!