How Your Facial Expressions Are Making You Look Older and How To Stop It

Sep 25, 2021
How Your Facial Expressions Are Making You Look Older and How To Stop It

No one wants to look like an expressionless robot or be worried all day about their facial expressions but the reality is, those repeated facial expressions are one of the top culprits for facial wrinkles and lines. We express so many of our emotions through our facial muscles, like smiling in joy, frowning in worry, or squinting in concentration, and that’s exactly where the most prominent wrinkles tend to show up: in smile lines, forehead lines, and crow’s feet.

Before you go running to the plastic surgeon to beg for botox, you should know that there are easy ways to treat and reduce the effects of facial expressions right at home. Here are our best tips for keeping your face looking young no matter how often you are squinting to read your emails.

Wear SPF

clean skin We already know that SPF protects you from the sun’s damage and can decrease the dark spots on pigmentation issues on your face but did you know it can also help protect the collagen in your skin?

Collagen helps keep skin youthful by providing elasticity to your skin. If your collagen levels are protected, you will not see the effects of your facial expression causing as many problems to your face because it’s able to repair itself with existing collagen.

Be Active

rub to hard Staying active and getting exercise has tons of benefits to not just your body, but your skin too. When you start to exercise, it increases blood flow in your skin and raises your body temperature. As a result, the increased blood flow to your skin can actually help it look it’s best.

Experts believe the best time for cell mitosis is between 11pm and midnight so when you tuck in for your 8 hours, try to do it before then! During cell mitosis, your skin needs those extra nutrients and a good nights rest is the only thing that can provide it.


clean skin When skin has some elasticity to it, it’s far less likely to be damaged by something like facial expressions. By being religious about your moisturizing and applying a peptide-packed moisturizer twice a day, it will help protect your skin from links and wrinkles while you laugh, cry and squint your way through the day.

If you’re using a moisturizer that has anti-aging properties, you’re going to get the double benefit because not only with the hydration to your skin allow for more elasticity, but the powerful ingredients in your moisturizer and helping to repair existing damage while you are busy getting on with your day.