If You Fall Into Any Of These Categories, You Need To Start Double Cleansing ASAP

May 15, 2022
If You Fall Into Any Of These Categories, You Need To Start Double Cleansing ASAP


If you follow a strict skincare routine, you probably cleanse your skin twice a day, but did you know that it may not be enough? Cleansing once in the morning and once at night could only be getting half the job done and leaving you vulnerable to enlarged pores and rough, dirty-feeling skin.

Luckily, double cleansing can be your best friend and help you avoid these awful skin care problems! We’ve put together 3 categories of people who should be double cleansing. If you fall into any of these, you’ll want to try adding it to your routine!

Category 1: People Who Wear SPF

Wearing SPF in summer

SPF should be a part of everyone’s morning routine but if it’s not washed away completely at the end of your day it could cause clogged and enlarged pores to start showing up in your complexion. These signs of aging can be seen from a mile away and be tricky to cover up - causing you to lose your confidence and feel insecure in public.

By adding an extra round of cleansing to your evening routine, you can help your pores stay clean and tight, making them less visible. The first round of cleansing will break down the oils in the SPF and wash them away while the second round will allow your cleanser’s ingredients to work their magic and help create a smoother and more even complexion.

Category 2: People Who Wear Makeup

Removing makeup for healthy skin

Makeup can be a great way to cover up blemishes and enlarged pores, but it’s important to make sure you get rid of it completely before turning in for the night. If any of it is left behind, it puts you at risk of developing rashes and irritation which will not only be painful but could also cause wrinkles and fine lines to show up faster.

Double cleansing at night could solve this problem, especially if you use a powerful cleanser that helps fight wrinkles and fine lines without irritating your skin. Once you’ve rinsed off your first round of cleanser, repeat the process for a second time so that the soothing ingredients can help calm your skin and prevent irritation and redness in your complexion, creating a healthy, radiant glow.

Category 3: People Who Have Oily Skin

Cleansing oily skin

People with oily skin are more likely to see clogged and enlarged pores show up in their complexion. These are some of the most visible signs of aging and can be difficult to get rid of, making you feel frustrated and desperate to try anything that will get rid of them.

If you want to help keep your pores as tight and clean as possible, it’s a good idea to try double cleansing. Since your skin produces a lot of oil, cleansing twice in a row could help make sure you rinse away as much of it as possible, which will prevent clogged pores and help create a cleaner and healthier complexion.

Double cleansing may add another minute or two to your routine, but the benefits can be worth the extra effort. If you want to make sure your complexion keeps its glow and stays healthy, this method could be a lifesaver!