If You Want Smooth Skin, Follow These 3 Essential Rules

Jul 17, 2022
If You Want Smooth Skin, Follow These 3 Essential Rules


There truly is no better feeling than a smooth, plump complexion, but not many people get to experience that feeling very often. One of the hardest things to do as you age is keeping your skin smooth and velvety, and making your complexion texture-free can mean a lot of hard work and patience.

But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible! If you make some simple but effective changes to your routine, your chance of having the soft skin you’ve always dreamed of will be a lot greater. Follow these tips, and you’ll be so excited about the results!

Cleanse Every Day, Twice A Day

Your skin is constantly at war with dirt and bacteria, and one of the biggest causes of texture in your skin is clogged pores which are a direct result of not rinsing your complexion often enough. Not only do clogged pores look terrible, but they also put the health of your skin at risk!

Cleansing your skin twice a day is essential if you want to help keep it healthy. Not only that but making sure you stick to a twice-daily cleansing ritual will help soften your skin and create a smoother, more glowing appearance. A clean face can make a huge difference, so keep at it every day and don’t give up!

cleanse every day for soft skin

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

If you think of a dry and dehydrated complexion, the first thing that comes to mind is probably flaky, cracked skin. It takes no genius to know that that’s the opposite of what a smooth face would feel like! On top of that, no one would want to leave the house with skin flakes flying everywhere…

That’s exactly why your moisturizer is your best friend when it comes to helping create a hydrated and silky feel all over. The moisturizing properties will protect you and your skin from all those flakes and cracked areas, revealing the beautiful complexion underneath and making you feel more radiant and confident all day, so make sure you’re using a moisturizer that packs a powerful punch!

moisturize for softer skin

Keep Your Complexion Protected

We all know by now that the sun does not do much good for your skin. Experts say that about 80% of aging is from the sun alone, and part of aging is a rough and bumpy feeling all over your face. While this might not be visible all the time, it's icky to the touch and makeup won’t go on smoothly if you don’t get ahead of the problem.

It may be a surprise, but wearing SPF every day can go a long way to help you achieve a softer and smoother look. It helps protect your skin from dark spots and any other damage caused by the sun, including roughness and texture in your complexion. After all, skipping SPF is one of the great skincare sins, so don’t do it!

protect skin with SPF

A soft and smooth face can do a great deal for your glow and self-confidence, so it’s worth all the extra effort to help see these results. It may take some time to practice each of these tips, but as long as you’re patient your skin will reward you and you’ll be blown away by the results!