Include This Forgotten Wrinkle-Prone Area In Your 2021 Skincare Routine!

Sep 22, 2021
Include This Forgotten Wrinkle-Prone Area In Your 2021 Skincare Routine!

Taking care of your skin never goes out of style but only worrying about your face is so 2020. This year, we want to focus on an often overlooked area that is as prone to wrinkles as your face – your neck and chest!

If you’ve noticed a double chin, sagging skin, or crepey wrinkles on your chest, follow these easy tips to help rejuvenate your neck and chest and take years off your look!

Don’t Ignore It

clean skin You may be noticing neck and chest wrinkles for the first time or you could have been suffering from them for years. No matter how bad it’s gotten, it’s important to not ignore these wrinkles and take action as soon as you can. The sooner you start treating this wrinkly and sagging area with the right ingredients, it’s going to make a world of difference in your results and help take years off your look.

Start by applying a Neck Firming Cream as soon as you can. Packed with the Essenskin peptide, it goes deeper than just the top layer of skin to restructure how your skin acts. In only a few weeks, it can help firm up existing aging skin so you can get repairing right away! The creamy and soft texture of the cream is going to feel so luxurious – but it’s also so effective too!

Don’t Be Discouraged

rub to hard Maybe you’ve tried applying anti-aging creams to this area before but you’re still seeing wrinkles and sagging – but it’s important to not lose hope. Nothing hurts our egos more than not seeing the results we want but it could be because you weren’t using a product made specifically for the neck area.

We love multi-use products but when it comes to your neck and chest, the skin is different than that on your face. That’s why it’s so important to have a product in your routine dedicated to dealing with this specific kind of neck skin. While anti-aging ingredients in your moisturizer are high-quality, they won’t have the ability to lift and firm neck skin the way a neck cream will. Once you’ve started using your neck cream, it should only take a few weeks before you start to notice an improvement!

Don’t Underestimate

Stay consistent The best part about including your neck and chest in your skincare routine for 2021 is that you will be shocked by what a difference it makes to how old you look. This area is often what gives your real age away, no matter how great your face looks, so don’t underestimate just how much attention your newly rejuvenated decollete will get!

Not only are the peptides and amino acids in your neck cream going to firm and tighten up your skin, but it will also leave it hydrated and glowing. So stop covering up with turtlenecks and scarves and show off that chin and collar bone! After just a few weeks of your new neck and chest routine, you’ll be showing off your skin proudly and the compliments will start pouring in!