Jet Setter's Nightmare: 3 Must-Haves To Avoid A Skin Catastrophe On Vacation

Jan 15, 2024
Jet Setter's Nightmare: 3 Must-Haves To Avoid A Skin Catastrophe On Vacation


Your bags are packed, and you’re ready to go on your long-awaited vacation to get some much-needed time for yourself, but you’re about to zip up your suitcase and realize you packed too much! You’ll need to be ruthless about what skincare you take with you, but you want to make sure your skin stays flawless your entire vacation. How could you possibly make such a difficult decision?

Don’t worry - we’ve made a list of the absolute essentials you need on your trip, and we’re going to help you pack the 3 skincare must-haves to help keep your skin glowing and beautiful all vacation!

A Multi-Action Cleanser

foam cleanser swatch

Narrowing a skincare routine down to just 3 products is no easy task. There are so many things your skin needs to stay radiant and products that only have a single purpose just won't cut it. That’s why you need multi-action products…

A multi-action cleanser that exfoliates and helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines is a great example of something that will save you space on vacation. Not only will it keep your skin clean, but it will also help it stay radiant and wrinkle-free. Not to mention, having all these functions in one product means you can leave your scrub and wrinkle serum at home!

A Hydrating Moisturizer

moisturizer swatch

Whether you’re going to a winter wonderland or the sunny tropics, your skin may be a bit shocked by the change in climate. Usually, this wreaks havoc on your skin, and you may feel that your skin looks a bit dry and flaky.

No matter what climate you’re going to, you’ll always need to keep your skin hydrated. Our skin is naturally stronger and healthier when it has ideal hydration, and helping give your skin the moisture it needs will help create a dewy, glowing complexion that looks flawless on your trip! 

A Glow-Boosting Mask

lotion swatch

Traveling can be tough on your skin and if you’re flying to your destination, it can be even worse. You may notice after a flight that your skin feels dehydrated, more textured, and just doesn't feel clean. To help fix this, you’ll need to give it a little TLC…

A glow-boosting mask can help completely transform your complexion after a long flight, and it can also help prevent your skin from being affected by the flight altogether! Applying a hydrating and protecting mask before you take off can make the world of difference, and it’ll make everyone else traveling with you wonder how you look so great when they look so tired!


No one wants to feel like they don’t look their best on vacation. In fact, everyone wants to look better while they’re on a trip! By using these 3 skincare products, you can help keep your skin looking incredible and feel your best on holiday.