The Biggest Fall Nail Trends That Anyone Can Pull Off!

Sep 24, 2021
The Biggest Fall Nail Trends That Anyone Can Pull Off!

The first week of October is here and that means ditching your bright summer nail shades for something a little more fall appropriate. Thankfully this year, there are so many different nail trends that it will be easy to find something chic that you feel beautiful in.

Here are just a few of the top trending colors you should test out on your manicure this fall!

Dark Teal

clean skin If you like a darker nail to signify the start of fall, this one might be for you! One of the hottest trending nail colors this year is dark teal, which flatters all skin colors and adds a surprising pop of fall-appropriate color to your hands.

This cool blue hue will work wonderfully with most of your wardrobe and is great if you’re looking for something that will stand out around the office without attracting too much attention. This shade will pair well with your fall neutrals like beige or brown and as well with your black, white and colored clothes!

Light Blue

rub to hard If you’re still craving summer nails, this trending hue for fall may just tick every box for you! This soft baby blue is popping up on runways and fashion magazines everywhere as one of the hottest colors for fall! It’s soft, bright, and will match with virtually anything!

What we love most about this trending blue for fall is that its the perfect shade if you live in a place with warm weather, or you’re just not ready to ditch your sandals for boots and get into fall mode. Squeezing those last moments of summer might be hard, but this stunning nail color will have you looking bring and sunny right into the holidays!

Soft Red

Stay consistent A bright, bold red nail will always have a special place in our hearts and on our hands but this fall, the top trending red polish is a little more subtle and soft. This year’s hottest color more resembles a burnt cranberry than it does a cherry red. It’s softer color means more versatility and will attract much less attention to your hands.

This will also be an amazing shade for you if you like matching your nails to your lip color. This red will match with more earth tone red shades of lipstick and will be the perfect complement to your makeup routine. Best of all, this color looks great on nails of all length and will look more elegant on longer nails than your classic cherry red!

What are your fall favorites when it comes to nail color? Share it with us in the comments below!