Three Simple Ways To Ditch Your “Turkey Neck” Before The New Year

Dec 16, 2021
Three Simple Ways To Ditch Your “Turkey Neck” Before The New Year

With 2022 on the horizon, you might be starting to think about the skincare goals you want to bring into the new year. In a recent survey, we found that most American’s would do anything to get rid of their dreaded “turkey neck”.…

So, is it possible to lift, firm, and improve the look of your sagging neck? Our experts agree that doing these three things for the next 30 days will help improve the look of your sagging neck right at home!

Change Your Application

It’s one thing to be using the right products but if you aren’t using the proper technique it can be wasting your time and hurting your results. To get the best results possible, application techniques should be top of mind – especially when it comes to your delicate neck. The skin on your neck is thin and prone to sagging, so if you’re rubbing the products the wrong way, you could be making the problem worse.

When you apply your Neck Firming Cream, always start with a small amount on your hands. Starting at the chest, work your application up to your chin, covering all the skin you can. Working in an upward motion allows you to apply products without tugging at the skin which causes more wrinkles. Applying upwards and gently will get all the firming and lifting ingredients to work quickly and effectively so you can banish turkey neck for good!

Find The Right Peptide

If you google “anti-aging peptides” you’ll likely end up sorting through millions and millions of results. While most peptides can help your skin in some form, only a few are formulated to deal with turkey neck. Sagging skin requires different kinds of help to lift the skin and if you’re just using a basic peptide, you’ll be selling yourself, and your results, short.

In the last decade, one of the best lifting and firming peptides available is Essenskin. This one-of-a-kind peptide is unlike anything else and has been proven to help tighten, lift, and regenerate sagging neck skin. It works by loading your skin full of calcium and amino acids which the skin needs to repair itself. Stick with it for the next month and the result will be a more lifted, younger-looking neck!

Double Up

claer Having one great product is going to help you achieve great results – but what if you could do more? When it comes to fighting stubborn turkey neck, the more help you can get the better. Dry skin is the number one cause of sagging and wrinkles. That’s why we suggest not relying on your neck cream alone for results and following it with a powerful moisturizer packed full of firming ingredients.

For the quickest and best results, we recommend layering your Repair & Release Cream over your neck cream as the final step in your routine. This is going to lock in all the best ingredients for your skin and deliver additional hydration. You’ll notice that not only does your neck look firmer, but your skin is more soft, supple, and touchable thanks to hydrating ingredients in the cream. It’s considered the dream team of firm necks and it will make a world of difference in your results!