Three Things Your Cleanser Can Do Besides Clean Your Face

Dec 16, 2021
Three Things Your Cleanser Can Do Besides Clean Your Face

Most of us wash our face twice a day and we use some kind of cleanser to do it. By now you should know to stay away from drying soaps and switch to an oil cleanser – but it’s not just for a deeper clean.

An oil cleanser can do much more than just clean your skin making it a must-have in any skincare routine. Here are just a few of the added benefits of oil cleansing that you might not have expected!

It Exfoliates

Washing your face helps keep skin clean and supple – but have you noticed your glow starting to fade? That’s because over time, dead skin cells can build up on your skin. We used to exfoliate with harsh beads or abrasive materials like coffee or sugar, but research has proven this can cause tears in your skin – and make wrinkles even worse! So how can you exfoliate a glow back into your skin without damage? The answer is an oil cleanser.

Thanks to the amazing abilities of oil it can work like a magnet to suck out any dead skin cells trapped in your pores. This is going to improve the glow of your skin and allow your hydrated face to shine. Even without abrasive exfoliators, experts agree that an oil cleanser is much better and safer than using traditional exfoliation methods.

It Shrinks Pores

Nothing is worse than looking in the mirror and not being able to see beyond enlarged pores. They can make you feel insecure and leave you feeling like your skin isn’t clean. The truth is that not all soaps and cleansers can get out the gunk stuck in your pores which is why they look so big. Sure, you can go spend hundreds of dollars on a facial, but using an oil cleanser daily can help clean out pores and shrink them right before your eyes.

Oil is special because it attracts dirt and debris like a magnet. When you wash with soap it cleans only the top layer of your skin, but oil is the only substance that is able to go deep into pores and remove dirt. If you stay consistent with your oil cleanser, you’ll notice that your pores look cleaner and smaller in as little as 30 days!

It Fights Wrinkles


Some people get stuck with a skincare routine that is too long because they use products that only have one benefit. Well, forget that when it comes to oil cleansing because it helps in so many ways! One of the best benefits of using an oil cleanser is that it gets your skin clean, but it also helps fight off wrinkles at the same time!

Your Lavender Oil Cleanser doesn’t just clean skin but it’s packed with all kinds of anti-aging ingredients. We wanted you to be able to wash your face and treat wrinkles at the same time, so we formulated it with some of the most effective ingredients for fighting wrinkles. Not only can you wake up with cleanser skin, but it will look more youthful thanks to the powerful anti-wrinkle ingredients in every bottle!