Three Types Of Eye Wrinkles That Need Your Attention ASAP!

Mar 08, 2022
Three Types Of Eye Wrinkles That Need Your Attention ASAP!


When people discuss aging eyes, they usually put it all under the umbrella of “eye wrinkles” - but did you know there is more than one place and one type of eye wrinkle?

Fear not - caring for multiple kinds of eye wrinkles is easier than you’d imagine! Here are the top areas you need to focus on, and which ingredients will help fade them fast!


sagging eyelids treatment

One of the less recognized types of eye wrinkles are the ones that form on your eyelids. For women especially, we apply makeup to our eyelids which can tug and pull at the skin leading to wrinkles, sagging skin, and an overall older look. Thankfully, you can treat them effectively if you’ve got the right ingredients.

Eyelids wrinkles are mostly caused by pulling and gravity, so you’ll want to opt for ingredients that help tighten and firm your skin. One of the best for this is the Essenskin peptide, which goes deep to fortify and strengthen your delicate eye skin. In only a few months, you’ll notice makeup looks better your eyelids appear more lifted. It will help give you a lifted look without painful surgery or injections.

Crow's Feet

crows feet cream

One of the first types of eye wrinkles to show up are crow's feet. For some people, they can happen as early as your twenties, but for most people, it becomes out of control after 40. As you get older, you’re losing more collagen and elastin which adds to crow's feet - but that doesn’t mean you can’t fight back.

Crow’s feet are static wrinkles often the cause of repeated facial motions like squinting or smiling. To reverse static wrinkles, look no further than the power of vitamin C and peptides. Packed full of antioxidants and amino acids, it will help smooth your crow’s feet and replenish collagen for a firmer eye area.

Undereye Wrinkles

eye wrinkle treatment

Your eye skin is the thinnest and most delicate skin on your entire body which is why it’s so prone to wrinkles. Your undereye wrinkles are unique because they happen every time you smile or move your eyes, making it one of the most difficult areas to treat - and the most delicate too.

Instead of learning to live with undereye wrinkles, you can fight back by applying a powerful serum twice daily. Most creams are too thick for your undereye skin so using a serum will allow smaller molecules to penetrate and treat your skin. Best of all, if you’re using our Eye Recovery Serum you’ll also be fighting dark circles and puffy bags with every application for an overall better-looking eye area.