We’ve Got You Covered From Head To Toe With These End of Summer Self Care Tips!

Sep 27, 2021
We’ve Got You Covered From Head To Toe With These End of Summer Self Care Tips!

Now that temperatures across the country are slowing dropping to welcome Fall, it’s time to take a quick second to reflect on all your skin and body has been through over those scorching summer months.

Between the strong UV rays, dry heat and beach days, your body is bound to have taken a few hits by now. Not to worry, we’ve got three easy tips for making sure that you walk out of summer looking your absolute best!

To fine-tune your routine and repair some of the damage from summer, you want to start with three specific focus points. Your skin, your hair, and your feet.

Your Skin – Exfoliate

clean skin Your skin is exposed to so many harmful factors in the summer, ranging from smog and humidity to dirt and UV rays. While it’s always important to take care of your skin, now is the time you’re especially prone to damage from UV rays and needs a regimented, solid routine to fix it.

Make sure to start off with a good exfoliation to remove all the dead and damaged cells from your face. More than ever, it’s important to stay diligent in your moisturizing routine. Make sure you’re stocked up on your favorite hydrating face cream and don’t forget about your body too!

Your Hair – Mask

rub to hard Summer heat is sure to fry your hair, even if you spend most of the summer in the shade. The effects of summer on your hair can result is dried out strands and tons of breakage and damage.

To rejuvenate your locks and add some moisture to your dried out strands, use an all natural hair mask you can make yourself at home! Leave on for a few moments and rinse it off. If your hair is really dry on the ends from heat and sun exposure, you can follow up with the mask once a week for a month to get your hair back to healthy!

Your Feet – Buff

After a summer in sandals and all that time spent barefoot, your feet likely need some serious love by September.

To get feet looking and feeling healthy again, opt for using a tool like a pumice stone to buff the calluses off the bottom of your feet. Make sure to follow up with a super hydrating foot cream to keep them extra soft. If you find that your feet are still feeling a little dry, apply a thick layer of foot moisturizer before bed and put socks on. By morning, your feet will be soft as a baby’s bottom!