Dr. Ryan's Mailbag: How Do You Boost The Effects Of A Dark Spot Corrector? Plus More...

Jan 19, 2023
Dr. Ryan's Mailbag: How Do You Boost The Effects Of A Dark Spot Corrector? Plus More...


 Hi there and happy Friday! My name is Dr. Ryan Shelton, and today is the day I will answer two questions from customers who need extra help with their skincare routine. First up is Martha from Nashville, TN.

Q: Hi Dr. Ryan! Over the past few months, I’ve been working on trying to get rid of my Dark Spots with your Dark Spots Corrector. So far I’m very happy with the results, but I was wondering if there's a way I can boost my results?

Dark spot tips

A: Hello Martha! I’m so happy to hear you have seen some great results with my Dark Spot Corrector. There are lots of ways you can boost your results, and today I’ll tell you about a special product that you should add to your routine to help you do just that!

First, I want to talk about exfoliation and why it’s important to help you get rid of Dark Spots.

But I’m not talking about just any kind of exfoliation…

I’m talking about using AHAs! AHAs are also known as Alpha Hydroxy Acids and they are a type of chemical exfoliant that works deeper below the surface than a scrub does.

They work from the ground up to help remove wrinkles, fine lines, and…

Dark Spots!

If you use a cleanser with AHAs in your routine, you should start to see a difference over time and start to notice that your Dark Spots are getting even lighter than before.

My Lavender Oil Cleanser has MFA complex in it, which is a mixture of AHAs that do a great job of exfoliating your skin on a deeper level and helping smooth your complexion as well as create a brighter, more even complexion.

If you add a product like this to your shelf and use it twice daily, you’re sure to see a change in your skin!

But remember…

Dark Spots are some of the most stubborn types of blemishes.

They take a lot of dedication and hard work. Plus, you’ve got to remember your SPF every single day.

As long as you do that and stick with your routine, I just know you’ll be blown away by the results!

My next question comes from Carrie in Sitka, AK.

Q: Hi Dr. Ryan. I love to exfoliate and have a special scrub that I like to use every day, but someone told me that it’s not good to exfoliate too often. Is that true?


A:  Hello Carrie! To answer your question in one quick sentence - Yes, it is totally true that you can overdo it with exfoliation. But let me tell you why that is…

Exfoliation is a great way to clear your complexion of dry, flaky skin and impurities, but if you’re doing it on a daily basis, you might actually make the problem worse!

This is because your skin needs time to recover from all the scrubbing.

If you don’t let it breathe for a few days in between exfoliating treatments, you could actually end up with even more dryness and flakiness than you started out with.

Another thing you could cause is irritation and redness.

If your skin is scrubbed on a daily basis, you’ll start to notice red patches all over your skin which may not make you feel so confident.

Plus, the more damage you do to your skin, the faster you age!

The trick is to limit your exfoliating treatments to 2-3 times a week.

Most people find this is a great amount to keep their skin smooth and soft without starting to feel a little tender.

Having said all this, if you use a gentle exfoliator like the AHAs in my Lavender Oil Cleanser, you can certainly feel safe about using it twice a day!

But if you're not using this product, make sure you tread with caution when it comes to scrubs.