Dr. Ryan's Mailbag: What are these bumps on my skin? Plus More...

Jan 26, 2023
Dr. Ryan's Mailbag: What are these bumps on my skin? Plus More...


 Hello and welcome to another Friday Mailbag! My name is Dr. Ryan Shelton and if it’s your first time here, I answer two questions from customers who write to me and ask me skincare-related questions every Friday.

Our first question this Friday comes from Sandra in Scottsdale, AZ.

Q: Hi Dr. Ryan! My skin has been feeling bumpy recently and I’m not sure why. It doesn’t feel like pimples, but I am noticing a few dead skin flakes. What could the problem be?

exfoliating to improve texture

A: Hi Sandra! Bumpy and textured skin can be caused by a lot of different things, but there’s usually a common solution that can help create a smoother, softer complexion no matter the cause…

Since you mentioned you were noticing a few flakes of dead skin, it’s very likely that your complexion is a little thirsty.

Dry skin often has quite a lot of texture to it, so there are a couple of things you’ll want to get started on.

First, you’ll need to get exfoliating. Exfoliation is a great way to smooth out your skin and help create a softer, less textured feel.

My favorite way to do that is with an AHA, which is a type of exfoliant that goes deep below the surface to help smooth wrinkles and create a more even texture over time.

In my Lavender Oil Cleanser, you’ll find a mixture of these AHAs, so this may be a product you’ll want to add to your routine to help level out the texture!

But getting rid of all those bumps is only half of the solution…

If you don’t work to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized, you could end up back where you were in just a matter of days, so you’ll want to add a strong moisturizer with hydrating butters to your routine as well.

Ingredients like Shea butter and Cocoa butter are a great start!

And if you’re wondering where you can find these ingredients, they’re both in my Repair and Release Cream.

This is not a problem that’s going to go away on its own, so make sure you keep up with both of these tips as much as you can and you should notice the difference in a matter of weeks!

Good luck, Sandra!

My next question comes from Sue in Seattle, WA.

Q: Hi Dr. Ryan. Over the winter months, I’ve been using your Dark Spot Corrector to help brighten my dark spots and it really works! How can I make sure they don’t get darker once the sun starts to come out a little more?

prevent dark spots with SPF

A:  Hi Sue! It’s great to hear that you’ve seen some results from my Dark Spot Corrector. Dark spots can be really stubborn, so once you’ve seen the results you want, you have to try extra hard not to undo all your hard work. Let me tell you how…

I’m sure you know by now that, even if you’re in a place like Seattle that is cloudy a lot of the time, it’s still important to wear SPF each day.

Regardless of how sunny it is, the sun’s rays can still penetrate clouds and make contact with your skin!

Having a layer of SPF every day is going to help you stay as protected as possible from things like dark spots and even skin cancer.

On top of that, you’ll want to make sure you’re continuing on with the Dark Spot Corrector, even if you are happy with the results.

The reason for that is that my Dark Spot Corrector has a few ingredients in it that not only help brighten dark spots but help prevent them too.

In fact, the same goes for all skincare. Once you’ve seen your results, it’s never a good idea to throw in the towel.

Your skin is always aging and changing, so if you abandon your skincare routine, you can certainly expect to see your signs of aging start to come back and give you grief again.

My best advice to you is to keep at it and give the Dark Spot Corrector a permanent place in your routine!

Prevention is always better than cure, and by using this product every day, you’ll help keep the clear and bright complexion that you’ve worked so hard for!