Dr. Ryan's Mailbag: What Are The Skincare Essentials? Plus More...

Jan 05, 2023
Dr. Ryan's Mailbag: What Are The Skincare Essentials? Plus More...


 Hello, there and happy Friday! My name is Dr. Ryan, and since it’s the first Friday of 2023 I want to talk about New Years' Resolutions! I have two great questions from customers who need help achieving their goals this year, and I can’t wait to answer them.

My first question is from Amanda in Salt Lake City, UT.

Q: Hi Dr. Ryan! This year my goal is to be more consistent with my skincare routine but to do that I need to keep it simple. Which products are the most important to use in a good routine?
skincare routine essentials

A: Hi Amanda! This is such a great question! There are definitely a lot of products out there that are great but not 100% necessary in your routine. Today I’ll tell you about the essential products that are a must-have for healthy skin.

But before we get to that, let’s look at what your skin needs to be happy and healthy.

First, it needs to be clean and free of dirt and bacteria, otherwise, you’re going to have to deal with Enlarged pores and even breakouts!

Not to mention, your skin will start to age a lot faster if it’s left dirty…

To keep your skin clean and happy, a gentle cleanser like my Lavender Oil Cleanser will do the world of good.

It also helps you avoid wrinkles and fine lines, so this product is a great multi-functional item to have on your shelf!

Next, you need to treat your eye area differently from the rest of your face. That’s because your eye area is more delicate and prone to signs of aging.

A face cream would be too heavy for the paper-thin skin under your eyes, so try using an eye serum instead.

I made sure my Eye Recovery Serum is light enough to be spread across the skin without so much pulling and tugging, so you can feel good about using a product like this to help keep crow’s feet and bags at bay!

Lastly, you’ll need to ensure the rest of your face is protected from dryness and the environment around you.

You’ve probably guessed I’ll be recommending a rich, hydrating moisturizer next!

My Repair and Release Cream would fit nicely into any routine and help keep your complexion dewy and radiant while working to help smooth out wrinkles and fine lines.

Other than these 3 products, the only other thing I always recommend is using SPF each and every single day. Good luck with your resolution!

My next question is from May in Sedona, AZ.

Q: Hi Dr. Shelton. I want to work on the deep wrinkles on my forehead this year, but I’m not sure how. What would you recommend?

Forehead wrinkles

A:  Hi May! Forehead wrinkles can be some of the toughest to get rid of because of how deep they can get. Luckily, I have a product that will work perfectly for your resolution!

I know a lot of people that have very deep wrinkles on their foreheads - some have even had them since they were a child!

Unfortunately, if you’ve always had these wrinkles, you may not be able to get rid of them completely, so it’s important to manage your expectations.

Having said that, you can still make a huge difference and help fill in those deep wrinkles with my newest product…

I’m talking about the Collagen Filler Serum!

This new serum of mine is designed specifically for people like you who are worried about deep wrinkles.

It is similar to injectable fillers and helps fill in deep wrinkles while plumping the skin.

And everyone who’s tried it has fallen head over heels! Ever since we launched the Collagen Filler Serum, we’ve had incredible reviews.

One lady even said she canceled her next Botox appointment!

By using this twice daily in your routine, you’ll help fill in those deep forehead wrinkles and reveal a plumper, fuller complexion underneath.

Good luck with your resolution, May. I have no doubt that you’ll be blown away by the Collagen Filler Serum!