4 Tips To Win Our AMAZING Selfie Contest!
By now everyone knows how to take a selfie!

But to win this contest you are going to have to take the best selfie?

And trust me, you are going to want to win this contest, the prizes are a really amazing!

So to get you started and give you a huge head start to winning this contest, I've put together a few simple tips for you!

1. Use Good Lighting

All high quality selfies use great lighting. Poor lighting can make a selfie feel unflattering, flat, and hard to see.

Try using natural lighting as it will come out the best in your picture.

Tip: Stand by a window, while facing the light as to eliminate any shadows! Never use a flash.

2. Get the Best Angle

This is the most important, because a bad angle can really put a damper on a good photo

Most experts agree the absolute best angle to get a selfie is 45 degrees!

Tip: Lift your phone or camera slightly above your head so that the camera is pointed down in a 45 degree angle. This reduces any unflattering angles that may come as a result from shooting upwards.

3. Crop the shot

Composition is important, and really sets the stage for the perfect selfie!

Crop your selfie after you take the photo to dial in the composition even more!

Tip: Try to eliminate unnecessary background, and make sure that you are the star of the photo!

4. Use A Filter

Photo filters on Instagram will give your selfies a completely different feel.

Experiment with different filters to give your photos a retro, nostalgic, or bright happy feel

Tip: Using photo filters can also help smooth out imperfections in the photo!

There you have it! Use these 4 tips to get the perfect selfie in our upcoming contest and win some HUGE prizes. Stay Tuned!

- Dr Ryan Shelton

P.S - Make sure that you white list our email address in your email contact list, so that you don't miss out on the contest email coming to you shortly!

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