Is Following Skin Care Trends A Good Idea?

Sep 24, 2021
Is Following Skin Care Trends A Good Idea?

Now more than ever, there are so many new innovations and trends happening in the skincare, but with all these exciting new products come a lack of research, customer education, and most importantly, results.

From peel-off masks to Retin-A, companies are dangling these shiny new products in front of your faces promising the fountain of youth. The big problem is that following skin care trends can actually hurt your skin more than it helps. We break down everything you need to know below!

What Are Skin Care Trends?

clean skin Have you ever noticed that the “must need” skin care products always come in waves? You hear about something new for the first time and then all of a sudden, drugstore shelves are stocked with strange, new products that often have crazy claims attached to them.

One of the most recent trends in skin care is charcoal masks, used to peel off dirt and grime from your pores and leave your face clean and soft. If you’re active on social media, beauty tools like jade rollers and face massagers are everywhere, claiming to take years off the look of your skin, even snail mucus is a growing trend right now!

How Are They Hurting My Skin?

rub to hard Keeping up with trends doesn’t necessarily mean its bad for your skin, but there are some red flags to be aware of if you’re always testing the latest craze in skin care. Many of the trendy new products that pop up haven’t been tested for prolonged use and therefore cannot be deemed safe. What’s even worse is they sell one-size fits all solutions without knowing your skin or your skin type.

Anything you put on your face daily should be formulated for your specific skin type. Your DNA determines how you need to care best for your skin and if you want to see results, you need to do your research on products and make sure their suit your skin.

How Can I Keep My Skin Safe?

Stay consistent Following a simple routine is the easiest and safest way for you to be able to keep your skin safe from trendy products that can cause sensitivity or skin reactions. A routine up to five products is totally fine but any more than that can be blogging pores and overwhelming yours skin.

Scientifically, it’s been proven that fewer products made of high quality and more effective ingredients can out-perform even 10 or 12 lower quality “trendy” products. For best results for your skin and anti-aging results, you can actually see and feel, skip the bandwagon of latest trends and reach for your trusty South Beach Skin Lab routine!