Reese Witherspoon Has The Best Anti-Aging Advice We’ve Ever Heard

Sep 25, 2021
Reese Witherspoon Has The Best Anti-Aging Advice We’ve Ever Heard

This southern belle sure knows how to win our hearts over, but let’s be honest, we’re all a little envious that she hasn’t seemed to age a single day in almost two decades! She’s as well known for her chic style and adorable personality as she is for her perfect complexion…but how does she do it?

She Stays Active

clean skin Reese is notorious for breaking a sweat! She’s professed her love of keeping active and how it’s had so many positive impacts on her life, including her looks. Some of her favorite ways to get in exercise are jogging, hiking and yoga.

Just like her iconic character Elle Woods, she believes “Exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy”, but her youthful glow is an added bonus.

She’s Constantly Drinking Water

rub to hard If you happen to be browsing paparazzi shots of this blonde beauty, take a closer look at what she’s carrying in almost every single photo.

A water bottle seems to be Reese’s accessory of choice and she credits her water intake to her eternally youthful skin.She may have just released a book called Whiskey In A Tea Cup, but we know that her beverage of choice will always be H2O.

She Never Skips A Day Without SPF and Moisturizer

clean skin We aren’t surprised by her dedication to her skincare routine because the results speak for themselves. We always preach the importance of consistency when using products and Reese is walking proof of how that can pay off with great results.

Reese is notorious for never skipping a night or morning without her moisturizer and doesn’t leave the house until her SPF is applied to avoid damage from that California sunshine. This could be her secret to being confused as a big sister to her teenage daughter.

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