Ellen DeGeneres Finally Shares How She Stays Wrinkle Free at Almost 60!

Sep 25, 2021
Ellen DeGeneres Finally Shares How She Stays Wrinkle Free at Almost 60!

Ellen has been in the Hollywood spotlight since the early ’90s and while she’s most famous for her infectious smile and positive energy, people are also taking note of her seemingly ageless face as she approaches her 60th birthday this January.

So how does this famous funny girl stay looking her best? Turns out her advice is not only helpful, but anyone can follow the same routine!

She Keeps Her Face Hydrated

clean skin Ellen believes that a hydrated face is her key to keeping wrinkles at bay. She applies moisturizer at least twice a day and opts for cleansing with an oil-based cleanser instead of a traditional foaming one because it offers a lot more hydration.

Her makeup artist even mentioned in an interview that Ellen never uses powder makeup because she finds the powder can be drying on her skin and cause wrinkles to look even worse on camera.

She Avoids Foods That Age You Faster

rub to hard Never one to shy away from sharing her personal life, Ellen is a proclaimed vegan and eats a diet of mostly fruits and veggies. Not everyone is keen to give up meat, but even upping your vegetable intake every day can help provide important nutrition to your body that can aid in anti-aging.

Ellen also stays away from heavy sugar foods like cakes, cookies, and candy. Sugar has been linked to accelerated wrinkles and aging when consumed in high amounts. While most of us live a busy life that makes it hard to avoid all sugar intake, just make sure you’re checking labels and keeping sugar intake to a minimum when you can.

She Uses Happiness And Positivity To Shine From Within

clean skin It’s hard to find a day where Ellen isn’t preaching her message of happiness and positivity. Life doesn’t always go as planned but embracing the tough times with positivity and not stressing yourself out will seriously help you age slower.

Ellen has been known to lowers her stress with laughter and positive affirmations. While she may have a few extra laugh lines, it sure has kept the wrinkles away from the rest of her face. If you’re mindful of staying positive, just like Ellen, your beauty will shine from the inside out!