Three Top Beauty Trends That You Can Pull Off At Any Age

Sep 25, 2021
Three Top Beauty Trends That You Can Pull Off At Any Age

Every year, tons of magazines and websites collect data from all sorts of searches and questions to forecast the biggest and hottest trends for the coming year. More times than not, these trends are difficult for most people to pull off (hello, purple eyeshadow) and leave you feeling insecure and silly if you’re testing them out over the age of 30.

In an unusual twist, three of the biggest trends they’re predicting for 2019 are so easy and practical, it will have you looking and feeling your best throughout the new year, no matter your age.

Trend #1: Dewy Looking Skin

clean skin Remember when you used to pat your face with shine control sheets or apply pounds of matte powder to your face to dull the oil shine? Well, this year the biggest skin care trend is all about that healthy, dewy glow!

Makeup artists stress that this look is not something they can create for everyone and actually requires you to have well-hydrated skin to pull it off. Using a super hydrating oil cleanser like our Olive Oil Cleanser and following it up with twice a day application of our Repair & Release Cream will help make sure your skin stays moisturized allowing for smooth makeup application and a glowing, on-trend look.

Trend #2: Bold Lip Color

rub to hard There is something so chic about a bold, red lip and this years trend is going to have us gushing over color choices all through the year! Beauty experts predict that you’re going to see lots of color on lips while eyeshadow and blushes are leaning towards a more natural look.

For your best bold lip, use a liquid lipstick. When it comes to wearing time, liquid tends to stay on much longer than traditional lipstick which means your wine glasses will be spared and you’ll be doing much fewer touch-ups throughout the night. Reds, dark purples or even bright pinks are three easy to wear colors that suit every skin tone.

Trend #3: Grey Hair

clean skin This one might be bad news for your hairdresser but great news for your bank account because grey is as trendy a hair color as you can get for 2019. When googled released their most searched beauty terms for the past year, they reported that searches for grey hair increased 879% since the year before!

Whether you’re rocking your natural locks or need some help from the salon to get your perfect grey shade, it’s easy to assume this will be one of the lowest maintenance hair trends we’ve seen in years for another over 40. So let that silver shine through and embrace natures beauty with trendy grey hair!

What beauty trend are you most excited for in 2019? Share it with us in the comments below!