Taraji P. Henson Doesn’t Skip These Skincare Rules - And Her Skin Looks Flawless Because Of It!

Jun 12, 2022
Taraji P. Henson Doesn’t Skip These Skincare Rules - And Her Skin Looks Flawless Because Of It!


If you looked at photographs of Taraji P. Henson 20 years ago and compared them to how she looks today, the only difference you’d be able to see would be her sense of fashion. The talented actress has been in Hollywood's limelight for 2 decades and somehow has managed to keep looking as young as ever. Is she doing something special to keep her skin looking so flawless?

We did some digging, and it turns out she has some skincare rules that she always follows to help keep her skin looking youthful and radiant in every way. If you want flawless skin just like her, it’s worth following the same rules she does!

She Always Washes Off Her Makeup

Taraji P Henson Skincare secrets

You’ve probably heard from many different people that it’s never a good idea to sleep with your makeup on. This bad habit can do a lot of damage to your skin and you could end up with enlarged pores and early signs of aging - which is not something you want to deal with.

Taraji has almost no visible signs of aging in her complexion, and this likely is because she is so consistent with making sure she removes every bit of makeup from her skin before she turns in for the night. She knows that keeping your skin clean is the best way to avoid damage, and you can tell just by looking at her that this rule is paying off!

She Keeps Vitamin C In Her Routine

Taraji P Henson flawless skin

For women in their 50s like Taraji, dark spots and patches can be more common than you think. The worst part about them is that they can be such a chore to get rid of, and they only end up making your complexion look uneven and leave you feeling insecure. If you can, you’ll want to avoid them at all costs.

That’s exactly why Taraji is so in love with Vitamin C. She keeps it in her routine no matter what because it helps brighten the appearance of dark spots and creates a more even complexion. On top of that, it also hydrates the skin and protects it from other signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines. You’d be crazy to miss out on having this superpower ingredient in your routine!

She Never Skips Her Moisturizer

Taraji P Henson skincare routine

Be honest - can you think of a time when you wanted to skip your moisturizer and get on with your day? There’s no judgment here, we’ve all done it! But did you know that skipping your moisturizer will only leave your skin vulnerable to the environment around you? That could mean things like wrinkles and sagging skin will start showing up and ruining your entire complexion.

Taraji knows exactly how damaging (and aging!) the environment around her can be, so she never skips her moisturizer. Instead, she applies it twice a day and lets the powerful ingredients help iron out wrinkles and create a more refreshed glow. She follows this rule so closely that she still looks the same as she did 20 years ago!

There are a lot of reasons why people love Taraji P. Henson so much, but for us, it’s because she sets such a great example when it comes to keeping her skin healthy and practicing good skincare habits. If you want to keep your skin healthy and start looking as flawless as her, following these rules could make a huge difference!